Nairabet Bonus: Get 10% deposit bonus whenever you fund your account on every Monday

Nairabet is a platform that enables players to win cash through diverse ways of betting. It has become the normal tradition of Nairabet to encourage its numerous customers in one way or the other. One of the ways in which Nairabet rewards customers is the introduction of Bonuses.  These bonuses are there to boost customer’s morale towards putting their best efforts into betting thereby giving them great chances to win big.

A notable bonus that everyone should aspire to win is the 10% deposit bonus that is won whenever an account is funded on Monday. You are entitled to get 10% bonus anytime you credit your Nairabet account between the periods of 9am Monday morning and 9pm in the evening on the same Monday. It is quite simple, any player that makes deposits in Nairabet account within this period stands the chance of winning the 10% bonuses. Once a player fulfills this requirement, the account will be credited with the 10% of the amount deposited within the next 24hours. Nevertheless, there are some conditions that must be met to qualify for this bonus.

Nairabet 10% Bonus conditions

  • It is very important to reiterate this again for emphasis that, your deposit must be on Monday between 9am and 9pm to qualify for this great bonus.
  • To qualify for the Nairabet 10% bonus condition, payment should be made by card deposits. Payment can also be made via ATM, Quickteller, direct bank deposit and USSD. Any other method of payment apart from those listed will disqualify you from winning the bonus.
  • It does not matter whether small or large, you can use the bonus on all odds
  • The bonus won can be used on any kind of bet whether it is accumulators or singles
  • The 10% deposit bonus offer is not only available to existing customers, new and future customers have equal opportunity.
  • Your Nairabet 10% bonus can be used as many times as you want. That is, when you win N2000 after crediting your Nairabet account; you can use your N20000 bonus for as many times as the bonus can take you.
  • The highest amount you can win as bonus is N50000.
  • You must also be aware that, your bonus amount is deducted from your total winnings. Therefore, if you use your N1000 bonus to win N10000, you will be paid N9000. Customers do not need to be worried about this because they will always get new bonus every time they play on Monday.

A Simple way to use the Nairabet 10% bonus to play a bet

After getting the bonus, it is important you know how to use the bonus to win more cash. In the section, simple steps that you need to take in order to play a bet with your bonus will be highlighted. Here we go;

  • Play your bets in your usual manner
  • Select ‘place using free balance’ on the final betting page
  • Your main account can be used in-case if you do not have the 10% bonus at the moment.
  • The money gets deducted from your bonus account.