Tiberius coin ICO: digital metal backed crypto token

The cryptocurrency industry is growing at a rapid rate.The Tiberius Coin allows you to participate and engage in its growth story by investing in an asset-backed token which includes the physical metals that makes it a reality process. The Tiberius Coin ICO is a token version of a basket made up of physical metals. In this post, you will find out how the Tiberius ICO crypto coin works.

As a miner or a crytpocurrency trader, Tiberius coin enables you to make money and keep your profits from the multi-billion tech industry which invests securely in secure precious metals.

About the Tiberius Coin

Tiberius Coin is a digital metal backed cryptocurrency token which enables its holders and participants to directly engage in the portfolio and program of precious and base metals which are used in different industries such as Transportation, IoT, Robotics etc.

It is a fact that the Tiberius Coin is the most liquid digital asset ever issued in the world. This assertion is made based on the reason that its value grows overtime and this helps to remove uncertainties and middlemen of the crypto industry.

Tiberius coin can be found online at www.tiberiuscoin.com. The Tiberius coin aims to combine and join its digital currencies along with that of the traditional finance markets by providing a basket of physical metals.

Each metals backed at the Tiberius Coin has been specially selected for their volatility and risk profile. These precious metals are used in electric vehicle and electronics manufacturing.

The main objective of the Tiberius Coin is to design an E-currency with value which can be used by any body in the world. `

This digital metal backed token was created by a Swiss asset company called Tiberius. This company has been active for over 10 years. And it has specialized in metal sales, asset management and mining operations. Tiberius is domiciled in Switzerland.

Tiberius Coins is actually a world leader among various metal merchants, and mining operators. The Tiberius Group AG plans to purchase the metals with the London Metals Exchange. The London Metals Exchange happens to be a veteran in the industry because it is listed among the most liquid and oldest exchanges in the world.

Tiberius allows direct ownership to a basket filled with strategic metals. The stability metals consist of 3 mg of gold and 1.5 mg of platinum for one basket. Also, the electric vehicle metals includes  6 grams of nickel, 25 grams of aluminum, and 1 gram of cobalt. As for the technology metals, it includes 5 grams of tin and 25 grams of copper.

Tiberius Coin depends heavily on actual metals for fund raising. The fund raising for the Tiberius Coin is an Initial Metals Sale (IMS), instead of an ICO.

Minting T-Coin costs 9%. It includes 3% for legal and compliance, 2.5% for a liquidity premium, 1.5% for management fees and 1% exchange fees from the metal exchange.

The advantages of the Tiberius Coin is that it is very safe, secured and stable. Tiberius relies on smart contracts to bring down risks and speculation. Another advantage is that Tiberius is very flexible. It is an investment opportunity for people because the growth has been increasing and it would soon hit $34 trillion. Lastly, Tiberius is transparent, legitimate and regulated.


Tiberius Coin is a digital metal asset-backed token which is backed and supported by a basket of physical metals. Tiberius aims at harnessing the future growth of the metal industry.

Since this token is backed by metals, the participants and holders can get to request their metals and also get to keep them in Tiberius storage.