Nairaland Alternatives: Popular Nigerian online Forums

When you search for online forums in Nigeria, only one website comes to mind – NairaLand. Nairaland is Nigeria’s biggest online community, it has dominated the internet for more than a decade. Nairaland is home to both old and young due to it’s varieties of categories and topics shared on the platform.

Although Nairaland doesn’t offer any form of incentive to its visitors, the traffic stats and user engagement on the site remains a mystery. Some people do not know any other online forum in Nigeria asides from Nairaland. If you make an in-depth search, you’ll find several online forums in Nigeria that isn’t Nairaland.

In this post, we will provide you with some Nairaland alternatives. Maybe you are looking for a forum that offers something different to what you’ve been getting on Nairaland, you can check out any of the following forums below.

1. NaijaPals
Naijapals is one of the popular online forums in Nigeria. Men and women locally and abroad connect and interact on topics such as politics, news, music, travel, lifestyle, entertainment, etc.
Apart from being a forum, it functions as a social network, registered members of this platform get to chat with one another. There are numerous topics for members to engage and discuss. Also, you can get songs and music for free, but you’ll be charged for the data you spend. When you get registered, you can make posts and meet new people.

2. GistMania
GistMania is a viable alternative to Nairaland. This forum seems to have a connection with another Nigerian forum, Naijapals. As the name suggests, GistMania centers around trending gist, news, entertainment information, and celebrity gossip.
When you get on the website, you can find several topics that would interest you. If you would like to get updated on your favourite celebrity, going to Gistmania will be worth your time.

3. Nigerian Best Forum
Nigerian Best Forum is another website like Nairaland, however, the design is different. This platform has been around for quite some time and they have garnered visitors and gained some members on the internet.
This online forum has a database of more than 386,000 registered members, truly the Nigerian Best Forum is not a small forum. The major focus on this forum seems to be in the area of job vacancies and recruitment. If you are unemployed, you can get registered on NBF and be the first to get updated on the newest recruitment opportunities.

4. NgStudentForum
NgStudentForum (NSF) was created in 2016 to serve the purpose of connecting students from various parts of the country through digital and virtual means. Unlike Nairaland, the NgStudentForum is not a general online forum. Instead, it is targeted at students at different educational levels.
This forum publishes educational news, exam updates for undergraduates, and people in educational pursuits. Luckily, students can read WAEC, NECO, Post UTME, and other educational news without data. This is because NSF has been approved by FreeBasics. Certainly, the NgStudentForum is a good online forum for you to check out. Even if you are not a student, it will be helpful for your wards/children.

At this moment, it seems like no online forum can overthrow Nairaland. That being said, the online forums mentioned above have been around for some time, they are great alternatives to Nairaland.

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