AbokiFX: Nigerian Website for Daily Black Market Exchange Rates

Your Daily Naira Exchange Rate

Looking for a Nigerian online currency exchange rate platform, AbokiFX has got you covered.

AbokiFX is among the first of its kind here in Nigeria. It is an online website that provides daily Information about the Lagos parallel market exchange rate for foreign currencies and these exchange rates are being updated about three times in a day. On AbokiFX you can also follow up news and updates about the Naira and other currencies. AbokiFX provides you with the latest parallel exchange rates for currencies like the US Dollars, British Pounds, Euro and currencies of some African Countries like Ghana, Benin etc. Bank ATM Rates can also be found on this site and you can easily convert foreign currencies instantly with the AbokiFX calculator.

Features of the AbokiFX Website;

You can access the following features while using the AbokiFX Website;

  1. Currency Converter
  2. Parallel market currency exchange rate
  3. CBN official exchange rates
  4. ATM Rates
  5. Western Union receiving exchange rates
  6. MoneyGram receiving exchange rates
  7. Market News

To have access to all these, simply visit the AbokiFX Official Website https://abokifx.com/ or you can download the AbokiFX App from the Apple store for IOS devices and from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

If you have any enquiry you can mail them at [email protected].