Alibaba coin by ABBC Foundation: What you should know

ABBC or Alibabacoin is a cryptocurrency business approach by the renowned wholesaler and a retailer Alibaba.  This new technology in cryptocurrency  is  optimized and can be used for distribution, finance shopping. The chief executive officer, Alibaba has a great belief that the blockchain solution has a better and more secured future. That is the reason behind the Alibabacoin. The Alibabacoin is built on blockchain platform that has the potential of becoming the best platform for digital assets in the world.

The company has developed its platform based on a safe fund security system improved utilizing secret innovation available on the blockchain algorithm.  This has been very rewarding because the platform is compatible with modern technologies like facial recognition and hashing.  The company’s head is very confident about the depth of business that alibabacoin will bring.  The company is certain that the cryptocurrency platform will experience 100% growth.

How to join the airdrop of Alibaba coin

If you want to be part of the airdrop of alibaba coin, kindly follow the following steps

Step 1- visit and Sign up on the ABBC website

When you sign up on their website, you will be asked to fill a form as well as the KYC. You can decide to do this another time when it comes to receiving your Alibaba coin token.  You will be required to verify your email address and phone number therefore, you must supply a correct and valid phone number and e-mail.

Step 2 – Visit the goggle play Store or ITune to download the ABBC application

Step 3 – Once you completed the steps above, you will receive hundred ABBC tokens. You will also receive additional twenty ABBC token for all your referrals who have completed the steps above.

The unique features of Alibabacoin

The Alibabacoin, like other cryptocurrencies in the market today encourages all and sundry to join and take part in sharing and distribution of financial asset on their cryptocurrecy platform.  Some of the stated reasons why you should consider the alibabcoin are stated below:

  • Social contribution

The Alibabacoin is managed and operated foundation that is focused on social contribution as well as donation mission thereby; the Alibabacoin will be effectively utilized in the areas of combating persistent ills in the society such as hunger, war, medical care and may more.

  • Facial recognition

The introduction of facial recognition features to the platform makes it more reliable, formidable and safe when you place it side by side with other platform without this kind of security measures. The facial recognition features can help user in a number of ways such as:

  1. Boost their confidence
  2. Access their stored digital assets without any difficulties
  3. Make payment without much hassle
  • ABBC is combination Ready

The Alibabacoin works on a blockchain platform that is always prepared for combination of other crytocurrencies as well as other blockchain platform in the world so that transaction and payment can be done easily on one platform.

  • Unmatchable Blockchain Implementation

The Alibaba’s blockchain is unmatchable in the sense that it minimizes users through the use if more dynamic chains that demand lower inventory but with an increased service levels.