Alpari Forex broker Advises Nigerians on global financial Markets

Renowned Foreign exchange broker company Alpari recently advised Nigerians about the need to be adequately educated and informed about the Forex trading market as it is a sure way of them gaining from the Forex trading system.

During a training program for Nigerians organized in Abuja, The Head of Forex Equation at Alpari, Mr. Mathew Anthony impelled citizens of Nigeria to try their possible best to acquire as much knowledge and information as they can about the financial landscape of countries all over the globe and then input it in their day to day activities especially through the Forex trading platform.

According to him, “The major reason is that being financial independent is very vital, especially when considering the current economic state of Nigeria. There is need to acquire more knowledge, there is need for us to be financially independent, there is also need for us to be more successful than we presently are. “We must learn how to be self sufficient and we must also learn how to be independent. Going into the foreign exchange market gives you the opportunity to be independent and also allows you to take charge of the global financial system not minding what the government has on going. We must not to be lacking behind while the global financial market is growing up.” He further disclosed that foreign exchange also requires certain psychological involvements as it is very technical.

He also expressed grief concerning the fact that most people into Forex trading are not really reaping the benefits therein because they have failed to put in all the needed efforts to do so. “Non-withstanding, for those that have little or no knowledge on Forex trading, Alpari organises training sessions in their Abuja and Lagos office. Momentarily, they visit the various states across Nigeria; they go around encouraging people to take part and benefit from the foreign exchange market.

The Marketing and Partnership Manager at Alpari, Mr. Stephen Abanobi also made his speech at the training program, he said that many people from different parts of the World have come to realize that foreign exchange trading is a legit trading means capable of yielding profits. “Online foreign exchange trading companies in Nigeria has existed for close to ten years, Alpari is one of the companies to introduce online foreign exchange trading into the country”.  Mr. Roberto D’Ambrosio, the CEO of Alpari Research and Analysis, London also cautioned those with the idea that Forex trading is gambling as it is nothing of such nature as it follows set of rules. He said that most people are usually inquisitive to know more about the online Forex trading market and that it is one of the primary reasons they are here. In his words, they came to show their gained experience and knowledge so as to give out more information to the people and enable them venture into the online trading market. He stressed that if people are educated properly about the Forex market, they will make less mistakes as associated with starters.