AWS Mining Review: Is it a scam or Legit site

Since lot of crytocurrency traders deal and trade on bitcoins, it is pertinent for crypto traders to try out crytocurrency mining platforms where they can mine their coins and digital currencies. Mining refers to a system of processing digital currency or cryptocurrency transactions. Crytocurrency miners are rewarded when they successful process a crypto transaction and solve a new block. Mining cryptocurrency can be likened to mining gold, silver or any precious ornament. In-order to process and mine more crypto coins, miners will need to rely on a fast, secured and reliable technology to mine their digital currencies. In this post review, you will know about the AWS mining company, its fees and charges, customer support and many more.

The AWS mining website is a good platform to mine cryptocurrencies, the site offers a professional outlook which is quite interesting and attractive for miners.

AWS Mining Review

AWS Mining is a company which is strictly focused on offering cloud mining services of digital coins to cryptocurrency traders or crypto miners. The company enables people to mine various digital coins through a secured platform.

Currently, the AWS mining company manages a total of 19,300 different cryptocurrency mining computers which operates in data centers located in Paraguay, Mongolia and China.

On the AWS site homepage, 3 videos are posted which shows their three data centers in China, Paraguay and Mongolia.

The AWS mining website is a subject of AWS Mining Pty Ltd, which happens to be the owners of the website. The company claims to offer cryptocurrency cloud mining services to visitors with little investment which starts at $40. Although the company has claimed to have moved out of Australia, still they have an Australian address.

These days it is extremely difficult for miners to find a cryptocurrency mining website which offers and provides phone support to their clients and customers but AWS mining website provides an email address with a phone number for miners to get in touch with them via their customer support department.

Mining Contracts

AWS offers 5 different mining contracts on its platform which are measured in CMP units. Each CMP unit is equivalent to $400. The basic plan stands at 0.1 CMP which allows investors to purchase that mining contract at the rate of $40.

The most popular plan on AWS mining site is worth 10 CMP ($4,000 USD).

What are the fees?

AWS mining charges 20% of the mining output of traders. They claim that their fees are affected due to factors like electricity and mining difficulty.

Normally, fees are supposed to be charged based on the rates and prices of Cryptocurencies, this makes it difficult to picture and estimate how a 20% of the mining output would be.

Are They Scam or Legit?

Right now, it is difficult to ascertain if they are real or not because quality testimonials on payouts have not be made about AWS, which makes it impossible to tell if they are scam or legit.


Our best advise is for miners to wait until testimonials on payouts and payments are been posted by miners. AWS mining looks genuine with a professional outlook, even as at that, it is not enough to judge of its credibility because even the best cryptocurrency cloud mining services still turn into scams. Also, you are advised to check the social handles of AWS mining like their Facebook page and read their customer reviews.