Best Credit Card Companies in Nigeria

You can find several credit card companies in Nigeria that issues credit cards to people. When you think of credit card companies, the first thing that come to your mind are platforms like Visa, Verve or MasterCard. However, platforms such as Verve, MasterCard & Visa are not credit card companies, rather, they are credit card schemes.
While credit card companies provide and issue credit cards to people, credit card schemes processes and authorize the transactions on the credit card. Although there are banks that provide credit cards, some other institutions which are not banks also provide this feature as well.
In this article, we will have a look at the best credit card companies in Nigeria. But before we look at these companies, we need to know what a credit card is and how it used.

What Is a Credit Card?
A credit card is a payment card which is linked to an account to make payments for goods and services. A credit card is usually embedded with a microchip and attached to a unique number or code to allow the owner to pay for goods, products and services on credit. Most times, credit cards come with a transaction limit which is usually determined by the credit history of the account holder.
Credit cards are frequently used in countries such as the UK, US, Canada etc but it is not commonly used in Nigeria. The reason why credit cards are not popular in Nigeria is that Nigerians are yet to know the use and benefits of it. Statistics show that the percentage of Nigerians who have a debit card is greater than those with credit cards. If you know the benefits of having a credit card, you will make haste to get one for yourself. This article was created to help you know the best companies to get a credit card in Nigeria.

Best Credit Card Companies in Nigeria
Here are some of the best companies that provide credit cards in Nigeria:

1. Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)
GTBank provides an international Visa Credit Card that can pay in many currencies. Although this is an international payment card, the currency domination is in USD. The card is provided courtesy of a partnership with Visa International and it is linked directly to the account of the beneficiary.
This card is valid for a 3-year period and it is eligible to USD Domiciliary account holders. If you don’t have an account, you’ll be required to create one at the bank.

2. First Bank
First Bank of Nigeria is one of the companies to get credit cards in Nigeria. The First bank credit card comes in three forms namely: the Visa Infinite, Visa Gold and the Naira credit card.
There is no limitation of the Visa Infinite card as the credit limit is infinite. The Visa Gold card has a maximum limit of $15,000 and the Naira Credit card come with a limit of ₦3,000,000. Simply visit any First Bank branch in your area to request for their credit cards.

3. O3 Capital Nigeria Ltd
O3 credit cards are provided by O3 Capital Nigeria Limited. This company provides three credit cards namely:
⦁ Classic Credit Card.
⦁ Platinum Credit Card.
⦁ Prestige Credit Card.
The Classic credit card has a transaction limit of ₦100,000 to ₦500,000, the Platinum credit card has a limit of ₦501,000 – ₦1,000,000 and the Prestige card has a limit of ₦1,100,000 to ₦1.5 million.You can apply for the credit cards online, if your application is approved, the card will be delivered to you. Luckily for you, you don’t need to make an initial deposit or open an account or produce collateral to get the credit card.
Without doubt, O3 Capital Nigeria Limited is the best credit card company in Nigeria. Their cards are valid for 2 years (24 months) and they come with a flat interest rate of 4-5%. To apply or get further information on their cards, visit their website –