Best List of Nigerian Freelance Websites to Work Online & Make Money

Freelancing has become a major source of income to many Nigerians. In a country where there are not too many white-collar jobs, it’s ideal to learn a skill and start working independently. The internet is helping as freelancers can receive jobs from clients in different parts of the world. This, however, is made possible via freelance websites and here is the best list of Nigerian freelance websites;

Fiverr is the most popular freelancing platform in the world and one of the best in Nigeria. The website is open to all freelancers with a wide range of supported skills including graphic designing, writing, web designing, voice over, social media managing, and much more. Creating a Fiverr profile isn’t difficult but for you to get your account approved, you need to appear very professional in your freelancing niche. Also, you can price your services at any amount on Fiverr.

A lot of Nigerians make use of and are earning big with Upwork. It is a freelancing website you can register with if you’re a web designer, writer, marketer, graphics designer, data scientist, engineer, etc. However, the problem a lot of Nigerians face is getting their Upwork accounts approved. After submitting your registration form, the Upwork team takes a few hours to days to review your account before accepting you on the platform. You’ll get approved on Upwork fast as a Nigerian if you have professional certifications for your services.

This is a freelancing website solely for graphics designers and creatives. It is a very competitive platform and to succeed there, you have to be very skilled as a designer. On DesignCrowd, people publicly request for design services, it could be a brand logo, cover art, etc. The request is open for all designers to submit their works after which the best design is chosen and the designer gets paid. Such requests last for 3 to 5 days.

iWriter is a freelancing platform for writers. If you’re good at creating content, writing articles, news, stories, etc, you can earn good income working from home on this website. On iWriter, there’s no limit to the number of articles you can write. You can write as much as you can provided you deliver quality. Writers get 65% of the article price on iWriter and your submitted content has to be original or else your account will be blocked. You could lose all your pending earnings.

Guru is a multi-service freelancing platform and it is very friendly to Nigerians. With Guru, finding the right freelancing jobs is very easy, all you have to do is to state your skills and services; matched jobs will be listed for you. You don’t wait for employers to contact you on Guru as you can send quotes for any job you are interested in. With Guru Workrooms, you can work with others as a team to increase productivity.

If you’ve got an individual skill you want to monetize, you can sign up on any of these websites and start freelancing.