BetLoaded: Daily football Prediction Website in Nigeria

BetLoaded is an online website where you can get free football tips, bet predictions, and analysis. The aim of the site is to help people make the most out of their sports betting ticket.

On BetLoaded, you get football predictions every day (Monday to Sunday) and you can make good use of these predictions to win sports bets. Predictions are available for over 50 leagues and they are expert picks so you are guaranteed a high percentage of them being correct. These predictions are presented in the following forms;

⦁ 1 – This implies that the team at home will win the game
⦁ 2 – this implies that the away team will win the game
⦁ X – this implies that the game will end in a draw
⦁ 1X – this implies that the home team will win or draw the game
⦁ 2X – this implies that the away team will win or draw the game
⦁ BTTS YES – this implies that both teams will score a goal in the game
⦁ BTTS NO – this implies that both teams won’t score. It is either only one scores or none scores at all
⦁ UNDER/OVER – this refers to the number of goals that will be scored. An Under 1.5 implies that there won’t be up to 2 goals in the game while an Over 1.5 implies that there will be 2 goals or more in the game

BetLoaded Registration
Though you can get free predictions on the BetLoaded website, it is recommended that you create an account on the site so as to get the most from it. The registration procedure is very simple, just follow the below steps;

⦁ Visit the website ⦁
⦁ Click on register from the top menu
⦁ Fill the registration form by entering the required details
⦁ Click on Submit and Register
⦁ Verify your account from the link sent to your mail
⦁ Finish

That is how to register with BetLoaded and this takes no time. From your dashboard, you get access to free predictions and you can join the BetLoaded VVIP plan.

BetLoaded VVIP Plan
The BetLoaded VVIP plan is a paid plan where you get games of about 75% correctness being sent to you daily. These games are premium games which is why you pay for them but, the cost is inexpensive. On the VVIP platform, you can subscribe for any of the following categories;

⦁ Silver Plan
⦁ Weekly Plan
⦁ Investment scheme membership

The prices for these categories are different and the highest one is the investment scheme membership. You can pay for these games via different methods and some of them include; Wire transfer, Skrill, Debit Card and Neteller. After paying, you will be sent a minimum of 10 VVIP games everyday until your subscription expires.

From the name BetLoaded, one would think the site is a betting site but it is not. As explained, it is just a soccer prediction website and you cannot bet on it. The site does not provide fixed games, their predictions are drawn from research and detailed analysis. No football prediction website claims 100% accuracy so you should still bet responsibly, not all games on the site will turn out correctly.