Bingo9ja to adopt Blockchain Technology in gaming & lottery in Nigeria

A new gaming company in Nigeria named Bingo9ja is looking at the ways to change people’s view about the lottery game. The company is set to achieve this through an innovative technology that will make the game available to all players across board.

Bingo9ja is the first gaming platform in the world and is set to deploy blockchain technology to change the way people play the lottery game in Nigeria.

The parent company of Bingo9ja, Ikorne Games, is poised to make things easier for all game players as all game lovers will have the privilege of playing their favorite games as well as classified ones in the comfort of their room. Players will be able to access the games through any of the following means:

  • Blockchain backed Mobile Application
  • Blockchain note integrated terminal
  • USSD applications

Taking advantage of the rapid development and the utilization of the blockchain technology across the world, the Bingo9ja is aiming at removing the stigma associated with the game of lottery which is commonly known as Lotto in Nigeria.

Eni Eniola, the CEO and the founder of Ikorne games, who is also a strategy expert, Business consultant and a business development expert, told the media that the aim of the company is to make use of the opportunity inherent in the proliferation of mobile phones and the adoption of cutting edge technology to make the game accessible to everybody.

According to Tele Oyegoke, who is the co-founder, players of Bingo9ja gamers will have the opportunity of playing the games with the use of multiple channels, players will also have the rare privilege of using their Bingo9ja loyalty cards for transactions in petrol stations, restaurants, lifestyle outlet and participating stores.

Bingo9ja is aiming at introducing seven different games that attract daily bonus. The games are as follows:

  • Spin and Win
  • Fast cash
  • Bingo mega
  • Pick 3
  • Pick 4
  • Keno
  • Scratch and Win

Eniola also made a promise that there will be an inclusion of varieties of games in the coming month. These games will give players the opportunity of winning lots of prizes and money. Not only that, gamers will have the opportunity of playing their favorite games with their friends at home and those abroad.

Eniola continued that the goal is to introduce various kinds of fun and engaging games with the chances of winning millions of Naira. He added that winners that make use of mobile app can withdraw their winnings immediately while those playing through agents could claim their winning through the agents or they get their winnings credited directly into their bank account.

He explained further that the mission of Bingo9ja is not only to become the pioneer blockchain backed gaming platform but also to effectively make use of cutting edge technology in achieving their dreams of a topnotch lottery related gaming platform.