Bittrex Nigeria cryptocurrency exchange Review

It is normal and natural for cryptocurrency traders and miners to find it challenging and increasingly difficult to look for a reliable and a trustworthy cryptrocurrency exchange which will help them to convert and sell their digital currencies and make cash. With various cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto market offering same services to people (exchanging digital currencies), it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell amongst them, a reliable, trustworthy and the best option for you. Most times, cryptocurrency traders make costly errors by choosing a cryptocurrency exchange that will later scam them.  In this article, you will get to know about the Bittrex Nigeria, its features, fees, reliability, security and characteristics of the cryptocurrency exchange.

About Bitrex Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Bittrex crytocurrency exchange is one of the visible and most reputable exchanges in the cryptocurrency market. Unlike other exchanges, the bittrex exchange has an extensive support for altcoins, which is something that makes them to beat other exchanges.

Features of Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange

  1. Bittrex is faster and quick for making transactions.
  2. Bittrex is an online wallet that can be used to mine and store cryptocurrency coins.
  3. Bittrex gives fast updates to the wallet holder on the wallet status and transactions.
  4. Bittrex is easy and simple to use.
  5. Bittrex focuses on various altcoins which is quite overwhelming for new crypto coin holders and investors.
  6. Bittrex has a secured and safe platform for storing cryptocurrencies.
  7. Bittrex cryptocurrency supports more than 250 digital currencies on its platform.
  8. All trades on the Bittrex platform attract a commission of 0.25%.

Funds Security

Bittrex is one of the most secured cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. They have made a name for being one of the exchanges with the most reliable and secured practices. Most people have acclaimed Bittrex to have the best security practices amongst other exchanges. This cryptocurrency exchange delivers 2 factor security for their clients. It also enables the Google authenticator integration.

As a cryptocurrency trader or miner, if you are looking a cryptocurrency exchange that is highly secured and strong, you are recommended to take a good look at Bittrex Nigeria.

Verification and Updated Information of Clients

Bittrex enables its clients to verify their accounts with updated details like their names, address, telephone number, date of birth (DOB), email address, social security number (SSN) or any other government Identification (ID) number in order to have access to higher limits and additional services provided by this cryptocurrency exchange.

Customer Support

As a cryptocurrency exchange that offers services to people, bittrex has a customer service which is open for their clients to reach out to them.  Customer care is handled only through email ticketing system.


You can store digital currencies on this exchange.

They have a safe and secured platform for cryptocurrencies.


They have a slow customer care support.

Bittrex charges commissions for trades made on its platform.


Bitrex is a good exchange for cryptocurrency traders and miners. If you are out for a stable and secured exchange for your digital currencies, you can try out Bittrex because they guarantee safety of cryptocurrency coins.