Camry securities stockbrokers in Nigeria overview

Stock broking in Nigeria is a very broad field and to succeed in it, one must have knowledge of how the stock market operates. It is ideal to seek stockbroking companies that can help one manage stock investments. In choosing a stockbroker in Nigeria, it is advisable that such a company should be registered with the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Camry Securities Limited is one the stockbroking companies we have in Nigeria and in this overview, you will learn much about them.

About Camry Securities Limited

Camry Securities Limited (CAMSEC) is a Nigerian stock broking company, the company is among the active stock broking dealers with the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). CAMSEC has been around for a long time, the company was established in 1994 when it received a license from the Nigerian Stock Exchange to carry out stockbroking activities. The company was formerly identified as M & F Investment & Securities Limited (MFIS). Not only is CAMSEC registered with the Nigerian Stock Exchange, the company also went ahead to registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as Brokers & Dealers to establish themselves as a renowned stockbroking company in Nigeria. The company currently has a share capital of N200,500,000, the amount is divided into 200,500,000 shares as a share is sold for N1.00.

The former Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission Mr. Musa Al-Faki is now the current Chief Executive Officer of Camry Securities Limited. Mrs. Eniola Anako A.C.I.S is currently the Managing Director of the company.

Services offered by Camry Securities Limited

Camry Securities Limited strives to be a top notch stock broker in Nigeria, they offer professional services which includes;

  • Securities Brokerage (Stockbroking); Camry Securities Limited manages stockbroking account for their clients. Everything is being done according to the clients directives.
  • Portfolio Management; Camry Securities Limited offers portfolio service to clients. This service is beneficial to clients who are unable to cope with day to day management and administration associated with equity investment. The company gives advice to clients and also prevents the performance of the portfolio every quarter of the year.
  • Investment Advisory Service; Camry Securities Limited offers advisory services on various business related process including; Investments, mergers, acquisitions and divestments. The company also helps in project development and long term financing.

If you are interested in any of the services offered by Camry Securities Limited, you can create an account with them by visiting

Camry Securities Limited currently has its head office at Wesley House Annex, 21/22 Marina, Lagos State, Nigeria. You can contact them for any questions or inquiries on telephone via any of these numbers; 234-1-2636744, 2636660, 8916375, on fax via; 234-1-2636660 and by email via; [email protected]


Camry Securities Limiting is an established and experienced stockbroking company with vast knowledge about the stock market. The company has integrity and is committed to customers satisfaction so investing with them is safe and you can make real profits.