Capital Assets Limited stockbrokers in Nigeria overview

In Nigeria, stockbroking has been a very profitable investment for citizens. Every day, more and more Nigerians gain interest in stockbroking and the need for a stock broking company to invest with arises. There are many stockbroking companies in the stock market, and one is bound to get confused on which to patronize because patronizing the wrong broker may turn out to be a huge loss to you. If you have an interest in stockbroking in Nigeria, then you need to get the right broker. One of the top stockbrokers you can bank on is Capital Assets Limited stockbrokers, and you will find useful information about them in this article.

About Capital Assets Limited Stockbrokers

Capital Assets Limited is a Lagos based stockbroking company registered with the Nigerian Stock Exchange; the company was incorporated on the 28th of December, 1995 though they have been around before then. Capital Assets Limited provides financial and investment services to individuals, corporations and governments alike.

The company is renowned and have recorded so many successes having been around for so many years, they were awarded as the best managed stock broking firm in Nigeria by the NSE in 2016. Currently, they have an authorized share capital of N250,000,000 (Two Hundred and Fifty Million Naira).

The company has its address at No 50/52, 8th Floor, Bookshop House, Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State. They are open from 8 am – 5 pm every weekday and are closed on weekends. You can join them by visiting their website On the Website, you will also find daily price listings and performance ratio of stocks in the Nigeria stock exchange market. You also have access to Nigeria stock exchange news and useful information about the stock market.


Capital Assets Limited is an excellent stockbroker in Nigeria that you can invest with. The company is a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, so they are legally recognized in the country. Clients who have used the platform also recommends it.