Clickbank Nigeria: How to make money from Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of making money online and you can do that with ClickBank.

To make use of the platform, you should register on it, to do so, simply visit and click on create an account from the menu. Complete the form for your sign up.

Once you have created an account you can now register as an affiliate marketer.

How to make money from clickbank affiliate marketing

To make money from click bank affiliate marketing, following the below steps will help;

Choosing your niche: Click bank has products of various niches that you can promote, choosing a good and profitable one is important if you want to make money on the platform.

Take as much time as you need and research properly to pick a good niche, it is not something to rush.

Building your platform: as an affiliate marketer, you need a platform to promote your products and since these products are online, you will need an online platform.

Generally, you are expected to open a website with paid domain and hosting – there are so many web hosting services available but wordpress remains the best out of all.

You can also make use of social media platforms to promote your products, platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are ideal social media platforms to make use of.

Growing your audience: this is simply getting noticed, if you do not get noticed by your target audience, you cannot sell the products and you cannot make money.

To get noticed, you can run commercial adverts on popular blogs and forums. Social media is also a powerful promotion tool, platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be helpful. Through these, you will get others to visit your site, you will get noticed and your traffic will grow.

Promoting your products: there are certain promotion techniques you should know as an affiliate marketer if you want to make money. Effective promotion methods will make people more interested in your products and possibly pay for them.

Resources that can help you make money on clickbank
As you join Clickbank affiliate, there are people who have been there before you and you can learn a lot from them about making money on the platform. Below are places where you can find such people;

The Clickbank Blog: this is clickbank official blog platform and you can learn a lot from reading the article there. To visit this blog, go to

The Clickbank University: this is just like a school, you will find clickbank educational programs where you can learn how to make the best out of your affiliate. To visit this university, go to

The Clickbank success forum: on this forum, you would meet other clickbank users just like you. You can discuss, share ideas and questions you may have. To visit this forum, go to

Becoming a clickbank affiliate is an effective means of getting income by promoting products. If you do everything right, you are sure to succeed with it.