Coinbase Review: Cryptocurrency Wallet Provider

As a beginner, newbie or a crytocurrency investor in the world of digital currency, it is imperative of you to know the companies, outlets and brains which are available for business and the right bitcoin company that favours you, should in case you decide to do business with them. One of the companies in the world of crytocurrency exchange is Coinbase, who started business operations in 2012 by creating an avenue for the trading, receiving and exchange of cryptocurrency and other types of e-currencies.

Coinbase has its headquaters in San Francisco, California, in the United States of America. With its presense heavily felt in more than 30 countries, it is acclaimed to be the world’s largest cryto-broker exchanger. Coinbase has improved the business relations between manufacturers, traders, brands, companies, industries and their customers/consumers as it created an open online digital financial platform whereby people will be able to convert their local currency into cryptocurrencies and digital currencies inorder to pay and receive money electronically for the exchange of goods and services. Right now, developers can integrate coinbase as a payment gateway or option for people on websites. Paying for goods and services becomes easier as most digital stores and e-commerce sites accept bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for exchange of goods and services.

For most people around the world, especially people in the United States of America, Coinbase is the best place for them to link their bank accounts and start purchasing and trading on digital currency and cyrtocurrency such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin.

As a company that deals with money and financial resources, Coinbase is acclaimed to be the most trusted and reliable bitcoin company which any cryto investor can bank on to buy, save and sell his or her digital currencies.

Buying and seliing digital currency is easy on Coinbase due to the type of dashboard and user interface which every registered member has on the system.

The available payment options and methods available for deposit and purchase of crytocurrency on Coinbase platform is through Credit card, Debit card, Bank Wire and Bank deposit/transfer. Unlike other crypto-companies, Coinbase doesn’t charge high fees for trade on its platform but transaction made to an address outside the platform may attract to a network fee (fees which are normally setup by blockchain communities).

For customers to be able to operate their accounts on Coinbase, such account has to be verified before it becomes activated for trade of digital currencies. Verification of coinbase account is done with a driver’s license, verifying phone number, uploading a photo and filling in some information details which will be required in the course of account verification.

Funding of coinbase account is easy as the funds become available in your account once payment has been received by coinbase. The quickest payment option is through a credit card in a USD wallet as purchases and payments are received instantly while bank transfer normally take between 3-5 business days as the banks processes payment transfer before the funds make its way to the coinbase system.

In conclusion, coinbase has a secure system which is tight for hackers to penetrate and siphon the funds of its users. The customer support is active and employ efforts to solve and find solutions to all customer’s questions.