Coronation Securities Limited Stockbroker overview

Coronation Securities Limited – Abbreviated as COSEC – is one of the top stockbroking companies operating in Nigeria. The company is fully licensed and regulated by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)  and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it is a subsidiary firm completely owned by the Coronation Merchant Bank Group – an African Investment Bank.

COSEC was established on August 10th in the year 2011, it was initially known as Marina Securities Stockbroking Services Limited (MSSSL), and was a subsidiary firm completely owned of Marina Securities Limited. Sometime in 2014, the Coronation Merchant Bank acquired the Marina Securities Stockbroking Services Limited (MSSSL) and the firm was renamed Coronation Securities Limited (COSEC).

Products and Services offered by Coronation Securities Limited

COSEC offers professional financial and business services to their clients. A lot of tools are being made available to ensure that clients make the most out of market opportunities. All these are open to everyone including individuals, corporate bodies, pension funds and other institutional clients. Below are the services offered by Coronation Securities Limited;

  • Equities brokerage; Coronation Securities Limited offers both indirect and direct equities trading services to their clients on equity products as listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
  • Fixed income brokerage; Coronation Securities Limited is not only registered with the Nigerian Stock Exchange, they are also registered with FMDQ and are licensed to trade fixed income instruments on their platforms.
  • Alternative investments; Coronation Securities Limited allows clients to trade on derivative products. This allows clients to trade on other securities not listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
  • Securities advisory; Coronation Securities Limited offers securities advisory services to help tackle stockbroking issues their clients may be having with the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

You can visit their website at to get more information about the company. Coronation Securities Limited has an online trading portal where clients can carry out real-time trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. If you want to register with them for stockbroking, you can visit the coronation securities online portal at the portal gives you easy access to all the trading tools you need including other insights and information about the market. However, you should note that trading hours are only between 10.30am and 2.30pm.


Coronation Securities Limited are professionals when it comes to stockbroking, they are well knowledgeable about the stock market and all processes involved. They are reliable and you can make use of their platform if you want to go into stockbroking.