Dash Nigeria Cryptocurrency coin: What you should know

Have you been hearing about the dash crypto coin without having an idea about what it is and how it works? If yes, then this article is for you.

What is dash?
Dash is a digital currency and just like Bitcoin, its transactions are recorded on a blockchain. This coin can be used to make purchase on platforms where it is accepted.

Features of the dash coin
Below are some features of the dash cryptocurrency coin that you should know;

Decentralization: The dash coin is a decentralized one which means it is not controlled by any central authority. You have full power over your funds and you can do whatever you want with it at anytime.

Ease of use: this coin was made to be very easy to use by anyone. Mining is also easy when you join the dash project, it does not matter if you’re a master or novice.

Anonymity: the dash coin is completely anonymous, there is no way to trace the sender or the receiver in any given transaction due to the way they were joined.

Less fees: you pay little percentages of money on every transaction you make with dash coin. It is a coin that is inexpensive to manage.

Fast processing: it takes about two minutes and a half for a dash block to be generated, this is about 75% faster than the amount of minutes taken by Bitcoin to generate a block.

Irreversible transactions: transactions made using dash coin cannot be reversed. The only way the sender can get it back after sending is if the receiver sends it back.

How to purchase dash coin
Dash can be purchased from different online platforms either via exchanges or direct purchase; below are some of them and how you can purchase;

⦁ Kraken; Purchase with USD, EUR or Bitcoin
⦁ Bitfinex: Purchase with USD or Bitcoin
⦁ Poloniex: Purchase with Bitcoin or Tether
⦁ BTC-E: Purchase with USD, EUR, RUR, Bitcoin
⦁ Exmo: Purchase with USD or Bitcoin
⦁ BTER: Purchase with CNY or Bitcoin
⦁ SpectroCoin: Purchase with your debit or credit card
⦁ BTC38: Purchase with CNY and Bitcoin
⦁ BitPanda: Purchase with EUR
⦁ Wall of Coins: Purchase via Western Union
⦁ Shapeshift: Purchase with other crypto coins
⦁ Changelly: Purchase with any other crypto coins or with your credit/debit card
⦁ We Sell Crypto: Purchase with PayPal

How to store dash coin
Just like every other cryptocurrency, dash coin can be stored in crypto wallets on both hardware and software ones.

Software Wallets
The official software wallet for this coin is the Dash Wallet which can be downloaded at http://www.dash.org. The wallet is optimized for easy access to all dash features. You can also make use of 3rd party crypto wallets such Exodus and Jaxx.

Hardware Wallets
There are hardware wallets like Trezor, Keekey and Ledger Nano S where one can store cryptocurrency and you can use these for storing the dash coin.

Dash Nigeria Coin Price
As it is with cryptocurrency, the price of coins fluctuate easily and it is no different for Dash. However, the current dash price for one coin as at September, 2019 is $83.