Ecobank Mobile Transfer USSD Code

The Ecobank mobile transfer mechanism let’s you handle transactions. You can transfer money with it from Ecobank to another bank and from Ecobank to another Ecobank account. This article tells you about the Ecobank mobile transfer USSD code.

Some people may call this Ecobank Mobile while the rest may refer to it as Ecobank Mobile Money. This service let’s you send money, handle payments and also purchase airtime. It is a mobile platform that let’s you access your account number and also link the mobile safely and quickly.

Ecobank is a Pan African bank and they have not limited their services to only customers in Nigeria. Nevertheless you can still make use of this code even if you don’t have an Ecobank account. This is if you use the code to open e-wallet and then access it anytime you wish.

What Can You Do With The Ecobank Mobile Transfer USSD Code?

You can use this USSD code to do the following:

  • Transfer money from Ecobank to another bank account or otherwise.
  • Buy airtime and check the balance of your account.
  • Make deposits and withdrawals.
  • Payment of bills including paying for services and goods like Cable TV, PHCN etc
  • Receiving funds
  • Pay to small businesses and agents in an electronic manner
  • Take note of mini statements.

What Are The Requirements For Using The Ecobank Mobile Transfer USSD Code?

  • You should have an Ecobank bank account or e-wallet.
  • A phone number registered with your bank account.

How Do You Use The Ecobank Mobile Transfer USSD Code?

Take note that using USSD code does not involve utilizing the web. You have to make sure that your phone number is activated for mobile transfer and then do the following:

a) Dial the code *326# with your phone and proceed with the instructions on the screen.

b) When the money transfer takes place, you will get an SMS that confirms the transactions.

How Do You Check Your Ecobank Account Balance On Your Mobile Phone?

  • Dial the code *326# and proceed with the instructions on the screen.
  • The balance of your account will appear on your mobile phone.

How Do You Use This Ecobank USSD Code To Recharge?

In order to purchase airtime for your phone or for another person:

  • Dial the code *326*1*the amount #. Example if you intend to recharge N500, dial *326*1*500# and then send it. Note that you can utilize any category of phone for transferring money and this can be 24/7. You can transfer up to N20,000. However if you are resident in Kenya dial the code *335# and for Uganda dial *235#. Also dial *150*15# if you are resident in Tanzania.

Quick Recharge is convenient, quick and they enable both current and savings to recharge their phones from the account of their bank.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Quick Recharge?

a) You don’t need PIN

b) No fees for transactions

c) Recharge for others is possible.

d) It is available through the week and for 24 hours.

e) This is convenient and quick.

f) You can recharge about N5,000 on a daily basis.


Ecobank mobile transfer USSD code let’s you perform transactions and transfer money using the code. This article tells you about this code. Don’t forget to ask your questions