EOS cryptocurrency Review: Best wallets, mining and exchanges for this coin

EOS cryptocurrency is one of the leading digital coins in the market. EOS is an Ethereum based decentralized crypto platform which is powered by a user-friendly blockchain company. EOS is cryptocurrency software project which is designed in a unique way that helps horizontal and vertical scaling of decentralized applications.

It is not a hidden fact that the EOS cryptocurrency empowers developers by helping them to power up their decentralized applications. This means that the EOS has been able to remove and eliminate middlemen and brokers with the invention of the easy p2p connections. This technological innovation is a blockchain architecture which has the potential to scale to millions of transactions at one second, it makes way for easy deployment of decentralized applications by eliminating user fees on transactions.

Investing in EOS crypto coins is a smart move for every cryptocurrency miner or trader to do at this very point in time. EOS has a lot of potential in grow in its worth and value, so, there is no reason why any cryptocurrency miner should shy away from stacking EOS coins in his digital wallet.

As you buy your EOS crypto coins, the next thing any smart cryptocurrency miner would do is to store the digital coins in a safe place, preferably, it should be stored in a secured digital wallet. EOS cryptocurrrency coins are best kept in ERC supported wallets. These type of wallets are very easy to use, they attract no costs, they are capable of handling many transactions and they can process many transactions fast at a second.

The Best Wallets For Mining and Storing EOS Cryptocurrency

The following wallets are the best wallets which we consider for cryptocurrency miners to store their EOS token. These digital wallets have their pros and cons which makes it important for you to properly ascertain and select the one that suits you.

  1. TREZOR Wallet

Trezor Wallet is one of the best wallets for storing the EOS cryptocurrency. It is an effective cold storage wallet which provides massive security for storing cryptocurrencies. Trezor is a hardware wallet built as an encrypted based USD drive. Even when connected to an internet enabled device, hackers and cyber-criminals will not be able to hack it, if only you keep your codes secret and safe.

  1. Ledger Nano S Wallet

The Ledger Nano S digital wallet is compatible for storing many cryptocurrencies as well as the EOS coin. Unlike the TREZOR wallet, Ledger Nano S does not have an interface, but it has some buttons which allows you to be able to move and control your token in and out of the wallet. Transferring your token is very easy with this wallet, all you do is to plug it to your computer device and transfer.

The security is very tight as it provides multiple security layers which comes with a military grade encryption technology which makes it difficult for hackers to penetrate.

  1. Infinito EOS Wallet

This wallet serves as a gateway for people to maximize the potentials of their digital coins. It seeks to build an ecosystem of blockchain services which includes ID/KYC solutions, exchanges and other blockchain related services.

  1. Scatter EOS Wallet

The Scatter EOS wallet allows users to sign transactions on the EOS blockchain community using a private key from web applications without having to reveal or expose your private keys and your personal information.


The following are digital exchanges for people to trade and exchange their EOS cryptocurrencies.

Binance: Binance allows you to buY EOS oinline, it is one of the top digital currency exchanges.

Bitfinex: Bitfinex allows you t buy and sell EXO.

Kraken: As a crypto miner, you can use the Kraken exchange if you are looking to buy and sell different types of cryptocurrenies.

Gate.io: Gate.io allows to purchase any amount of EOS quickly and also allows you to sell them.

Liqui: Liqui is a safe exchange which updates users the real-time statistics of how EOS coins are being bought and sold.

Mercatox: The Mercatox is a cryptocurrency exchange which has pleased and satisfied its users. With Mercatox, any cryptocurrency trader can buy and sell any volume of EOS