Expert Option Nigeria Review: Everything About this Binary Options Broker

ExpertOption is new in the binary options trading world. The Company was founded in 2014 but currently boasts of over 8 Million registered users because their trading platform is user friendly.

For Starters, Expert Option offers a demo account for practicing without the fear of losing real money and you can proceed to open a real account when you are ready to. There are mobile apps and desktop apps for various platforms like Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS. ExpertOption also offers different bonuses to users and they vary depending on your account type.


They are 5 different account types offered by ExpertOption

  1. Basic Account:The minimum deposit for this account is $50. This account is more preferable for starters who are still getting used to the system;you can always upgrade your account from here.
  2. Silver Account:The minimum deposit for this account is $500;it has a little bit advanced feature that the basic account but it is also good for starters.
  3. Gold Account: The minimum deposit for this account is of $2,500.This account has more professional features compared to the aforementioned accounts. It is a nice start for real binary investment.
  4. Platinum Account:The minimum deposit for this account is$5,000.This account offers expert account management and it is best for top investors.
  5. Exclusive Account:This account is strictly by invitation and is normally offered by account manager to selected users who has met its’ requirements.


With Expert Opinion, you can simply make a direct deposit with your credit or debit card and you can also deposit through different payment platforms that they offer. ExpertOption supports more than 20 payment systems.

Withdrawal is also relatively easy, there are no fees charged for withdrawals and you can withdraw through your card or the payment platforms also.Withdrawals may take up to 3 or 5 days to be completed. There has not been any problem about their deposit or withdrawal systems so far.


ExpertOption has a 24/7 customer service, you can reach them anytime, anyday. There is also an online support Live Chat that can assist you with any issue at a go and their FAQ contains useful answers to frequently asked questions.


With ExpertOption, you have the privilege to practice with a demo account before opening a real one. You can withdraw your funds in Nigerian Naira and you have the FAQ and Support to contact for any difficultly you may encounter.They may not support most foreign countries like Canada, Switzerland, Israel, USA e.t.c. but for Nigerians, ExpertOption is a reliable binary options broker.