Farm4me: Agriculture Investment platform in Nigeria

Agriculture is one of the things Nigeria is known for in the world. Crops like rice, beans, yams, cassava, cocoa, soybeans, rubber, and others are sowed and harvested year after year in different parts of the country.

However, in recent years, Nigeria’s agricultural produce has reduced. Crops are not being exported in massive quantities like they once were.

One way to fix this is by investing in Agriculture and one of the major platforms to use is Farm4me, a Nigeria Agritech company.

What is Farm4me?
Farm4me is a company that facilitates contract farming in Nigeria. They are different from regular crowd farming platforms and the investment is open to both Nigerians home and abroad.

The company was launched in 2019 although the idea was conceived in 2017 at the CBN Entrepreneurship Development Centre’s Agribusiness and eCommerce Seminar. It was founded by Adama J. Adama and currently have a headquarters in Abuja.

The way the platform works is simple. You invest your money and this money is used to farm, harvest, and sell crops on your behalf. You get a share of the profit derived from the sale and you also get your capital back. Everything happens in about 6 months.

The company is focused on using agriculture to eliminate hunger and poverty, not just in Nigeria but Africa at large.

Investing with Farm4me
You can start your Farm4me investment by following the below steps;
Visit the official website ( and click on Sign up
Fill the signup form, submit and you’ll be redirected to your account dashboard
Your dashboard will present a contract farming form to fill. Click on Invest Now after filling the form.
Make payment using your debit card or make a bank transfer to the specified bank account. You should upload payment evidence if you opt for a bank transfer.
Your account will be updated with the deposited funds. You’ll also get your payment receipt, investment certificate, and other contract documents. These will be available on your dashboard and you can download them to your device.

That’s all. Your dashboard will be updated from time to time with your farm progress. You can always login to your account to follow it up. Your investment should be ripe 6 months from the day after you made payment.

The profit along with your initial capital will be deposited into your account. You get as much as 73% of the profit.

Is it safe to invest with Farm4me?
Farm4me activities are insured by Leadway Assurance. Leadway Assurance is one of the top insurance companies in Nigeria.

As a result, your money is safe and secure when you invest with Farm4me. Before you deposit money, you can look up the company’s insurance status with Leadway Assurance for confirmation.

If you’re interested in investing in Agriculture, you can invest with Farm4me. Applying is easy and you get to do nothing other than just depositing money into your account.

The platform is insured and guarantees a 100% return on your capital so you have nothing to lose.