Gold price in Nigeria: Where to buy/sell

The word “Gold” won’t sound new in the ears of anyone in Nigeria, likewise it is hard for one to see a golden material without recognizing it, as Gold is a very popular and valuable item in the country. Gold is expensive, it is not cheap in anyway, it is rated as the third most valued metal in the world after platinum and palladium so its value cannot be questioned. Buying and selling of Gold in Nigeria has been around for a long time and many Nigerians are making a living out of it. Gold hardly loses its value, it value usually increases, you can buy gold items today and still sell them at a higher rate in few years, it is rare for you to encounter a loss when dealing with Gold. If you trade gold in Nigeria, you should be up to date with the current gold price in the country. Being up to date with the Gold Price in Nigeria helps you stay informed so you make better trade decisions. Below is the current Gold Price in Nigeria.

Gold Price in Nigeria  Today

1 Gram Gold = ₦15,493.20

1 Ounce Gold = ₦481,936.03

1 Kg Gold = ₦15,494,580.72

Where to buy and sell Gold in Nigeria

There are different places and platforms where one can buy and sell Gold in Nigeria. Gold is a highly valued material so you should be mindful of how you trade them so you do not lose your money. What should be your top concern when searching for where to buy and sell your Gold is to find a reliable and trustworthy gold dealer and one that uses the correct rate.

It is common to buy and sell gold in black market in Nigeria, these golds are usually exchanged by dealers who are usually “Abokis” or “Mallams”. They can be found in specific sectioned areas in almost every state in the country but more present in the Northern Areas. The majority of them are honest and trustworthy, they are also up to date with the selling rate though theirs is a bit higher which is normal in black market exchanges. Proper weighing scales are also being used so no one is cheated. Locating the location of these dealers are easy, you just have to ask questions around your area.

It is also possible for you to buy and sell Gold online, there are so many online stores like Jumia, Konga etc where gold items are advertised for sale, you can purchase from them. If you want to sell, you can place an advert on popular online market places like Jiji, Olx, etc. You simply advertise your gold for sale, prospective buyers will contact you and you carry out the transaction. You can also make use of this site,; the company buys both new and used Gold items and from the testimonials of their customers, they are reliable.

In trading Gold, especially when you are the seller, you should be careful and wary of swindlers.