HitBTC Nigeria cryptocurrency exchange Review

HiBTC is an online Crypto currency exchange website and company founded in 2013, it was introduced by HIT Solution Ltd, a company in Hong Kong. You can buy and sell a large range of Crypto currencies on the HiBTC platform like the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT and more. HiBTC can be used by both professionals and amateurs in the crypto trading market. The platform is user friendly making it easy to use and understand by crypto traders.

Registration and Trading

HiBTC doesn’t really engage it’s user in a registration process, you just input your email and password to start trading even as a first time user. After that you proceed to your email address to confirm and activate your account, complete the ID verification process and you are good to go.

HiBTC employs the maker-trader system, the Takers are charged 0.01% fee on any trading transaction while the makers pay no charge, they even receive a “rebate” of 0.01%.

HiBTC Deposit Method

HiBTC only allows deposit through Crypto currency transfer, no bank wire or credit card payments. A fee of 0.0006 BTC is charged for all deposits not minding the Crypto currency or wallet you are depositing from.

To Deposit, you need to generate a HiBTC receiving wallet address from your account and then log into the Crypto wallet you are depositing from, input your HiBTC receiving wallet address and transfer the crypto currency there.

HiBTC Withdrawal Method

Withdrawals can also only be made through Crypto Wallets. The fees charged for withdrawal varies depending on the Crypto currency you are withdrawing, you should also be aware that the withdrawal fees charged are very high when compared to other Crypto exchanges.

To make a Withdrawal, all you need to do is to navigate to the withdrawal page from your account dashboard and enter the crypto wallet address that you want to withdraw to, input the about also and withdraw.

There is no limit for deposits and withdrawal, you can deposit and withdraw as much as you can.

Security System

It may interest you to know that HiBTC experienced a hack issue in 2015, after that they have improved a lot in their security system by implementing the 2 Factor Authentication system and urging all users to make use of it.

Customer Support

HiBTC customer support service is not that dependable, customers complain of slow response to request. Nevertheless, if you want to inquire or have any issue with the platform, you can visit the Support centre where you will find articles that will be related to your issue and detailed instructions on how to go about resolving it as well. You can also follow them on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and GitHub.


HiBTC is an online Crypto currency exchanger that is used in over 100+ countries all over the world. The website offers good trading features for Crypto traders but there have been a lot complains about them. Nigerians into the Crypto currency market can use the HiBTC platform but it is advisable that you trade carefully.