How to Buy Ethereum in Nigeria |Ether to Naira Exchange

Ethereum (Ether or ETH) is one of the recognized Cryptocurrencies being used in Nigeria. Trading on Cryptocurrencies has over the years become popular in Nigeria, with online traders making huge profits from it. Ethereum is a bit similar with Bitcoin because they are both on the blockchain technology, but they are still different in some ways as Ethereum is used for more purposes than the Bitcoin.

Let’s focus on buying Ethereum.

Buying Ethereum is easy, there are many Cryptocurrency brokers, wallets and exchangers online that you can sign up with and buy from them to your ether e-wallet.

For Nigerians online wallets like Luno and Blockchain seems to be the top Broker sites being used. Nigerian exchangers like is another reputable company that you can buy ethereum from. is the best platform I recommend that Nigerians can easily buy from, the company initially started with only Bitcoin trading but has also introduced Ethereum over the years. I’ll show you how to buy Ethereum effectively from and it’s also similar with other online brokers.

You need to first of all sign up on the website, to own an e-wallet, fill in your details and then verify your account through their procedure which will require your BVN (Bank Verification Number), this security is to avoid fraudulent activities.
After your account has been verified, you now proceed to make a deposit, you can deposit into your Luno e-wallet easily with your credit card (ATM Card) or any online payment method they feature.

Once money is deposited into your Luno e-wallet, you can now buy your Cryptocurrency which in this case is the Ethereum, your money will be converted and the Ethereum equivalent will be deposited into your Luno e-wallet. You have successfully bought your Ethereum, and you are assured that your digital money is safe and secured.

This I believe is the easiest way of buying Ethereum in Nigeria.

However, you can also earn Ethereum by mining it, just like the Bitcoin, but this process is usually difficult compared to buying from an online broker. If you sell goods and services you can also choose to be paid in Ethereum instead of Naira currency.