How to exchange Perfect Money to Neteller in Nigeria

About Perfect Money
Perfect Money is among the many financial service providers that allows it’s customers make instant payments and transfer money securely all over the Internet. As a result, it has opened a lot of unique opportunities for internet users and internet business owners.
– Perfect Money guarantees easy conversion of funds into other electronic currencies within a short term and at reasonable rates.
– It’s long established ways of cooperation with banks enables Perfect Money to send and receive wire transfers worldwide.
-There is 1.5% withdrawals fees through bank wire.
– SMS alert fees – 0.10%
– You can withdraw your money from your Perfect Money account and deposit same into any bank account of your choice.
– Offers functional and convenient tools of settling payments online.
– Offers a recurrent automatic system of payment. This tool can be effectively used to organize the monthly expenses of your organization.

About Neteller
Neteller is an electronic money payment provider that allows it’s customers transfer and receive money from other merchants like Forex trading firms, individuals and social networks firms. It is established and run by Paysafe Group, a British global payments service provider. It allows direct withdrawal of funds using the Net+card or transfer to bank accounts.
It’s assumed that if you are on this page, you probably know all about the withdrawal methods offered on the Perfect Money platform and well as the ones on Neteller. But, you probably don’t know how to easily do same in Nigeria or that there is an easier way of doing a direct exchange through a Nigerian exchange platform.
However, we know you are not on this page for a recap of things you already know. So, we will show you how you can convert your Perfect Money to Neteller in Nigeria directly using, a top financial service provider in Nigeria.

To begin, you must have an account with both Perfect Money and Neteller for this transaction to work. The good news is that registration is free and easy as it only requires an email and a few personal details.
So, if you have an account with both and want to do a direct exchange from Perfect Money to Neteller, the following process will be your easy guide.

Step 1:
Visit and click on “register” and fill the details to register.

– After a successful registration, confirm the email to gain full access to the site.
– Then click on “withdraw e-currency”.
– You will see a list of e-currency accounts and addresses.
– Copy the account number/address for “Perfect Money”.

Step 2:
– Go to your Perfect Money account.
– Click on “Send Money”.
– At the bottom of the page that opens, you will see “add payee”. Click it.
– On the page that shows next, fill in the appropriate details as well as the number you copied.
– Then submit.
The fund you requested will be sent to the official Perfect Money member ID of which you filled.

Step 3:
– Go back to your account on and click on “withdraw e-currency”.
– Now scroll down to the bottom where you will see an instruction on how to complete the exchange you just transferred to
Follow the instructions.

Step 4:
– Fill the notification form you are requested to fill with the necessary details and follow the prompts.
– mytopexchange will receive the transferred Perfect Money.
However, instead of withdrawing the money in Naira, you can immediately use it to buy or fund or deposit into your Neteller account as the equivalent.
This brings us to the next step.

Step 5.
– Click on “Fund E-currency”.
– Fill the required deposit form for buying Neteller offered by the site which you see on the page and submit.
– The Naira equivalent that you would have received ordinarily for selling the Perfect money will then be used to buy the Neteller.
That is the simplest way to exchange Perfect Money to Neteller in Nigeria without dropping a sweat.