How to Make Money on Fantasy Premier League Football in Nigeria

Football is the most interesting and rewarding sport in the world but it might get boring when you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. That is why Fantasy Football came into existence, to ignite the love for the game. Most people would love to own and manage a team in the NFL or EPL but that costs billions of dollars therefore fantasy football is here to make your dreams a reality.

Did you know that while enjoying fantasy football, you can actually make money from it? Yes and I don’t mean betting. Most people think gaining from football is all about betting but fantasy football is a whole new ball game where you can make money through various means.

In this article, you’ll learn about fantasy football and how to play it. You’ll also learn about the different ways in which you can make money on fantasy premier league football and lots more.

Getting elated already? Stay glued to your screen as we delve into the world of fantasy football.

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is a virtual game which is based on real-life production of the National Football League (NFL) players that carries fantasy points based on performance. Newbies in the world of fantasy football seem to get confused at the on-set of the game but it’s quite simple.

A breakdown of the definition is that fantasy football is a virtual game in which the points gained are from real life games. This means that when you draft your team of players in the game, their performance in the real life performance determines the fantasy point you gain in the game.

For example, if you pick Thiago Silva from Chelsea FC as your fantasy defender, his performance during the real life English Premier League will determine the points you get from him for your team. If he performs well, a point is automatically added to your fantasy points.

Fantasy football has to do with joining a league (maybe from an official site like the Fantasy Premier League or group of friends), drafting your team, naming your team and participating in the games. This will be further explained in the next segment.

How to Play Fantasy Football

As a beginner in fantasy football, it is advised to start with your league of friends as they will go easy on you. However, there are numerous sites where you can register to sign up for fantasy football. The Fantasy Premier League is highly recommended for your fantasy football Squad formation and the actual game.

Fantasy football team drafting is where the fun is based. Here you can pick your NFL players from different teams which will make up your players. In fantasy football, you’re entitled to 8-15 fantasy players. 11 active players and 4 fantasy bench players. You can pick your players from different football clubs to make up an incredible team.

While drafting your fantasy team players, you’re advised to do so 2 weeks before the premier league season to avoid selecting players that may later be affected by injuries. Also, the different players will represent the different football positions.

The different positions to fill includes; one quarterback (QB), two wide receivers (WR), one defense (D/ST), one kicker (K), one FLEX as well as two running backs (RB). The performance of these players in their different positions in real-life games determines the fantasy point earned by you.

As a team manager in fantasy football, you are entitled to a waiver wire. This is the process of acquisition of players which are not on another manager’s roster in your fantasy league. You might have a need to get another fantasy player but if your team number is complete, you will have to drop a current player in order to acquire another.

A waiver wire might be necessary if you have an injured player. If your defense player is injured, you are to replace another defense fantasy player and if you have an already completed team, you will need to drop a player.

Fantasy Premier League

This fantasy football is that of the English Premiership which is organized by the league body itself. This is the most popular league in the world and the fantasy football organized by the league has more than 6 million fans.

There are lots of good rewards and money attached to joining the official Fantasy Premier League but let’s highlight how the fantasy premier league is played;

  • Build Your Squad

When you register in the Fantasy Premier League, you will need to build a squad of 15 players. The team must consist of two goalkeepers, five midfielders, three forwards and five defenders. For every Premier League club, you’re allowed to choose a maximum of three players for your squad.

  • Team Formation

In fantasy premier league, games are being played on a weekly basis and the formation for each team must be made before every game week deadline. This formation consists of a goalkeeper, three defenders, at least two midfielders and lastly at least one forward. The team is expected to have a captain and a vice-captain.

  • Fantasy Points Scoring

In fantasy premier league, points are awarded for goals, saves, assists and clean sheets. The players can also gain extra points from the Bonus Points System (BPS) if they are found among the top performing players. The point of the team will be scored by their 11 players in a game week. A captain of a team gets a doubled score.

Fantasy Premier League has four chips which can be played to boost the team’s point in a game week, these includes;

Wildcard – the most powerful, allows managers make limitless transfers free of charge in a game week

Triple Captain – Getting triple times your points for your fantasy captain

Bench Boost – Get points from your non-playing fantasy substitute

Free Hit – Resetting your team for a week before revert

  • Leagues

As a team manager, when you register your squad, you are entitled to create a league, this is known as a private league. This can be a league of friends where your friends come together to create a league for point competition. You can also send a maximum of 25 invitations to other squads to join your league. You can also join the public league which consists of 20 randomly assigned teams.

For each week, two teams will be paired to compete, the team with the highest points wins for the week.

How to Make Money on the Official Fantasy Premier League

There are lots of rewards in joining the public league of the Fantasy Premier League in the fierce competition.

 The prize for the overall winner of the public league tournament is a “7 night break in UK for 2 persons with a VIP hospitality inclusive and also a free visit to any tourist center of your choice in the UK.

The First runner up also has the privilege of getting a trip to the United Kingdom with a guest, free and lots more. The Second runner up also has a juicy reward and offer to gain from the league.

 These prizes are quite juicy but only reserved for the winners and runners up and you can agree with me that it will take a while to get to such a position.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as you can make lots of money from the private league. Why is this an easier option? Competitions are weekly and your chances of winning are high as you are competing against just one team among the different teams in your private league.

The league usually makes provision for prizes for the weekly competitions as this is to spur up participants and also make the game more interesting. However, the managers of each can do more to make the prizes more attractive.

The weekly competition can be monetized by the managers thereby giving an avenue to make lots of money. For the die hard fans of betting, the private league can also give you a chance to bet on your team and stand a chance to win and make more money from it.


Fantasy football has spiced the football game up in ways unimaginable as you don’t need to be in a particular club before acquiring a player from such a team. This game gives players freedom and enables people to watch more games even if it doesn’t relate to their fan-team. This is because as a player has been picked, you’ll need to monitor the player’s performance thereby watching most clubs play.

The Fantasy Premier League has made it even more interesting as prizes are attached to the game when won. There are numerous sites for fantasy football but registering with the league itself ensures authenticity and gives more trust due to the security. The Fantasy Premier League has the weekly prizes and overall prize which includes a free trip to the United Kingdom which is an opportunity any ambitious football fan would love to grab with both hands

Give Fantasy Premier League a trial and discover the real fun in the world of fantasy football.