iTunes Gift Card Exchange: Buy, Sell & Trade for Naira

Truth be told, redeeming your gift cards for cash seems to be a good choice – if you know how to go about it. Apart from the cash benefit, there are lots of benefits you get to enjoy when you redeem your gift cards. For instance, you can sell your gift card on a random day with a better exchange rate than the actual market price.

A gift card is a pre-purchased card that you can use to buy services, products, and goods from the internet. Some of the gift cards available include Amazon Gift Card, Steam gift card, iTunes gift cards, and so on.
A lot of people in Nigeria are keen to redeem their iTunes or Amazon gift cards online but the process seems complex for them to grasp. Truth be told, the reason why you are reading this post right now is to know how to redeem iTunes gift card in Nigeria. There is no fluff here, this article simplifies the steps of redeeming iTunes gift card in Nigeria.

How To Redeem iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria
The following are the steps involved in redeeming iTunes gift cards in Nigeria:

1. Get The Code
Before you can redeem your iTunes card in Nigeria, you need to get the code or digit on the card.
To get the code, simply scratch off the film located at the back of the card. When you do this, you will be able to retrieve the digits of the card. You will locate the film just above the barcode. With this digit, you can purchase digital content on the iTunes store without hassles.

2. Go to the iTunes Store
The next step is to visit the iTunes store. However, before you proceed, ensure that you have an Apple ID or an iTunes account. If you do, navigate to the account menu and select the ‘Redeem’ option at the top left side of the page.
You may be required to sign in to your iTunes account again. If the box pops up, simply enter your login details.

3. Credit Your Account
If you have logged in successfully, the next phrase is redeeming your iTunes gift card. You can redeem your iTunes gift card in Nigeria simply by entering the digits you got when you scratched the film at the back of the gift card. Usually, it takes fewer than ten minutes to get credited. When you enter the code, click on the ‘Redeem’ button, and you are done.

4. Scan the Card
Alternatively, if you don’t want to type, you have the option of scanning the code using the camera of your computer system. The area focus of the computer must focus on the code of the card.
This way, you can redeem your iTunes gift card online in Nigeria without writing a single line of text. Start by clicking on the ‘Use Camera’ option, then put the card in the camera’s focus and wait for it to be scanned. If your card is recognized, your iTunes account will be credited with the amount or value equivalent to that of the card.

You should be able to redeem your iTunes gift card if you complete all the steps mentioned above.