How to Send Money from USA to Nigeria

Are you living in USA and looking for ways to send money to your relatives in Nigeria? This article is for you as we have carefully explained different ways through which you can get funds across to your people in Nigeria. Before, transfer of money across different countries was extremely cumbersome, but this is no longer the case. You can easily transfer cash from any country to Nigeria and your recipient will get the money through their bank account or collection centers.
Today, you can send money from USA via various online money transfer platforms. The process is so simple and accessible now that you can transfer funds online via apps on your mobile phones, you use your computer system. Some of the online money transfer service provider that you can employ to get your fund across your people in Nigeria are as follows:

⦁ Moneygram
Moneygram allows you to transfer money online to your recipient. You can also transfer funds in person using this platform. You get the money deposited directly into the person’s bank account or mobile wallet. The Moneygram has a global network of about 350,000 agents comprising banks, international post office, and retailers.
Sending money through Moneygram is convenient, just locate one of their locations around you, supply the receiver’s information along with the money you want to send and their service charges.

⦁ World Remit
You can quickly transfer funds to your relatives at a low-cost using this medium. This platform can be accessed via your Smartphone, computer, and tablet. With World Remit, you can transfer funds directly from your bank account or credit card to your receiver’s bank account. Some of the banks in Nigeria that you can directly transfer to are as follows:
⦁ Access bank
⦁ Ecobank
⦁ First Bank
⦁ Stanbic IBTC bank
⦁ Sterling bank
⦁ Union bank
⦁ Unity bank
⦁ Wema bank
⦁ Zenith bank
⦁ Jaiz bank
⦁ Keystone bank
⦁ Guarantee Trust Bank
⦁ Heritage Bank

⦁ Western Union
This is a common medium of money transfer; a lot of people are already aware of the Western Union Money Transfer Service. This method of money transfer allows you to send money online through an app or send in person via their agent. The money is either deposited into the recipient bank account or the receiver collects the funds in person from any nearby location of Western union agent. You also have the option of sending funds via your credit or debit card or straight from your bank account.

⦁ Ria Money Transfer
The Ria money transfer service is based in the United States and it has an agent network of over 314,000 locations in different countries. With Ria Money transfer, you can send money to different countries around the globe.
You can send money directly from your bank or via your credit card and the money gets deposited directly into your recipient’s bank account. If your receiver does not have an account, they can get the money from Ria agents close to them in Nigeria.
Other payment medium that you can employ to transfer money from USA to Nigeria are:
⦁ Skrill
⦁ Xpress money
⦁ Transfast
⦁ Bitcoin
⦁ Neteller
Perfect Money
⦁ Paypal