Shipping Goods from USA to Nigeria: Everything you should know

More than 70% of the goods used in Nigeria are imported from countries like the United States and China. A lot of people are finding it difficult to purchase items from online stores and shops in the USA and have their goods shipped in Nigeria.
Most of the new and used vehicles sold in Nigeria are imported directly from the United States. Maybe you want to buy a commodity in the USA or you are expecting a parcel from a friend or family member abroad, you may have the problem of getting the product delivered to you in Nigeria. Most times, these products get shipped in Nigeria but they may come damaged or lost.
This is a common problem faced in international shipping, but there’s a solution. You can now ship goods and products from China, United States and the United Kingdom without any barrier. This article will provide you with information on how to ship products from USA to Nigeria.

Steps To Ship from US to Nigeria
There are lots of steps and protocols involved in shipping products from the United States of America (U.S.A) to Nigeria. Depending on the amount of time and the amount of money you have at your disposal, it is most important to go with the right option. If you are looking to ship large packages, you will have to use the service of sea freight providers.
If you are looking to ship smaller packages such as luggage and documents, you can use courier companies such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL. If you want to know the cost of receiving packages from the United States to Nigeria, you will have to contact or visit the website of these freight service providers or courier companies.
Besides, there are extra charges which you will have to pay to have your package delivered here in Nigeria. The cost of the delivery varies depending on the shipping company.

List Of Items That You Can’t Ship to Nigeria
Before importing or shipping anything from the United States to Nigeria, you must know the custom laws. Some commodities and items that are prohibited for shipment into Nigeria due to the customs laws.
The website of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) has a full list of the items banned and prohibited for shipment into the country. Below are some of the items that you cannot import in Nigeria:
Products made in Iran.
Carpets and rugs.
Various types of alcoholic products.
Food and fruit.
Compressed or pressurized items.
Chemical products of any form.
Alcohol or flammable liquid.
Corrosive or explosive items.
Plants, live or, dead animals.
Perishable food items.
Pharmaceutical products that are not produced in Nigeria.
Fishing nets.
Ballpoint pens and many more.

List of Reputable Companies That Ship to Nigeria
Here are some of the reliable and reputable cargo and freight forwarding companies that ship from the U.S to Nigeria.
DHL Express.
FedEx Priority International.
USPS Express International.
Value Handlers International (VHI).
Planet Express.
These companies provide an array of services including warehousing, shipping, logistics, cargo handling, and servicing, procurement support, and advisory and lots more.