I-invest Nigeria: What you should know about them

I-invest just as the name implies is an investment platform. The platform can be accessed through a mobile application which is available on the Google Play-store for android and Apple store for iOS users.

The aim of I-invest is to encourage more Nigerians to save and invest better by providing them with the sources they need. The major form of investment available on the app are treasury bill investments and this is what makes the platform unique.

Requirements to register with I-invest
Registering on the i-invest platform is fairly simple as just few things are required. These include;

⦁ A Bank Verification Number (BVN)
⦁ A Phone Number
⦁ A Smart Phone

With these things, simply download the app accordingly, launch and fill the registration form. Registration takes a little as 5 minutes to be completed.

After registering on the mobile app, you will be required to verify your account by uploading few documents. These documents include;

⦁ Utility Bill
⦁ A Valid Identity Card (Drivers license, National ID Card, International Passport, Voters Card)

Once all these are completed, your account will be fully functional and you will be given a Unique account ID.

Funding your I-invest account
There are two ways via which you can fund your I-invest account and they are;

⦁ Debit Card Payment: Simply log in to your account and click on fund account, then pay with your debit card – all Nigerian debit cards are accepted.
⦁ Bank Payment: To pay via bank, visit any commercial bank and pay using your unique account ID. You can as well pay from your bank mobile app.

Investing with I-invest
Investing on the i-invest is easy, as all you do is just click. After funding your account, simply select the security you want to invest in from the list – you can invest in multiple ones.

The minimum amount you can invest is N100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Naira). There is no maximum amount you can invest.

The application will manage the investment for you and credit your account accordingly once your investment is mature. Annual investment rate on i-invest is between 8 – 11%.

Withdrawing from your I-invest account
To withdraw from your I-invest account, you should simply click on withdraw from your account dashboard. Provide your bank details and also the amount you wish to withdraw. Confirm your transaction by providing other necessary details as requested. There are no changes in withdrawing.

I-invest Customer Service
Customer service is an important aspect of any investment platform. To contact I-invest, you can call any of these numbers + (234)1 903 7095, + (234) 807 529 0008. You can mail them on [email protected] or [email protected].

Their office is located at 22A Udi Street, Osborne Foreshore, Ikoyi, Lagos. You can visit them.

Contained in this article are the basic things you should know about the I-invest platform. The platform will be beneficial if you want to invest in treasury bills but, it is still relatively new so you should invest carefully. Visit their website http://www.i-investng.com to find out more about the platform.