Best List of Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria

Taking a view of the minimum income wage, getting a high paying job in Nigeria will be difficult – especially for people in the lower class. If you are looking to go into the capital market in search of companies that pay handsomely, you will need this guide.
Despite of the state of Nigeria’s economy, there exist some companies that pay high salaries to its staff. However, these companies are not newly created companies, rather, they have existed over the years and built a strong reputation in their field. Without mincing words, here is a comprehensive list of the highest paying companies in Nigeria.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company is one of the companies that pay the highest salaries to its employees. This petroleum giant is Nigeria’s own petroleum company, it pays its workers in the Nigerian currency, the Naira.
Getting employed into NNPC isn’t a joke, it is a cumbersome process, but you should count yourself lucky if you secure employment in the company. A fresh graduate can pocket as large as N130,000 monthly, not to talk of a sales manager who earns a whopping sum of N314,000 monthly in the company.

2. Chevron
Chevron is next on this list. It is an oil and gas company that pays high salaries to the people on its payroll. The staff of this company is entitled to receive fat cheques monthly from Chevron.
Stories are circulating that Chevron calculates and pay the salaries of their staff on a per hour basis. For instance, a customer service agent on duty is paid $10.54/hour.

3. Mobile Petroleum
Just like Chevron and NNPC, Mobile Petroleum is another major oil and gas petroleum company in Nigeria. Just like the two petroleum companies mentioned above, this company pays its staff well. Their employees of Mobile Petroleum receive their salaries in USD (United States Dollars), which is a major advantage due to the strong state of the USD over the Naira.
Interns at the company can receive up to $6,810 every month while project engineers can get up to $120,000 annually.

4. MTN Nigeria
Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) is originally from South Africa, but they operate in Nigeria. The Nigerian wing of the company generates more than 1/3 of the company’s revenue. This telecommunication company is the first to touchdown on the shores of Nigeria during the early days of GSM.
Since operation in Nigeria, MTN has gained lots of customers as well as employees throughout the federation. MTN is another company that pays high salaries to its worker, staff members on the payroll enjoy handsome paychecks from the company.

5. Nestle Nigeria
Nestle Nigeria is not an oil & gas company, rather, it is a company that is into food production and processing. The owners of the company prioritize their employees just as they value their business. Nestle employees are provided access to health insurance if they have spent up to 6-12 months in the company. Apart from health insurance, staff members are given access to vacation. Not every company provides these features, Nestle doesn’t only provide high salaries to its staff members but also gives them a load of benefits.