List of Real Estate Companies in Nigeria

If you are looking for land, an apartment, or a house in Nigeria, you’ll need to go through a real estate company. If you have a piece of land or building to sell, the services of a real estate company or agent will be needed.

There are hundreds of real estate companies in Nigeria, some are reliable and some can’t be trusted. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to waste your time and money dealing with clowns and scammers. If you want to strike the best deal in trading a property, dealing with a reputable real estate company will see you through.

There are several factors one must consider when choosing a real estate agency to deal with. First is the amount of experience they have in the business and most importantly, the quality of their services. This article has helped you in sorting out the best real estate companies or agencies in Nigeria. These companies have existed over the years and they are known for their high-quality delivery.

1. Revolution Plus Property
RevolutionPlus Property is growing into becoming a leading real estate company in Nigeria. This company specializes in the sale of houses and lands. They have a wide and deep understanding of the real estate industry, and this knowledge is tapped by customers and clients who need guidance and advice in the sale of lands and properties.
Bamidele Onalaja is the current Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of RevolutionPlus Property, he also fills the position of the Managing Director (MD). If you intend to acquire land or rent an apartment, endeavor to check out Revolution Plus Property.

Landwey is another company you should look out for whenever you want to make an investment in the real estate business. This agency is made up of a team of young, vibrant, and professional individuals who are keen to help simplify and secure your real estate investments.
Most importantly, they are transparent. Landwey is founded on integrity, it puts its customer first in all its dealings. Landwey has earned positive reviews from customers and they have won several awards due to their excellent service.

3. PMAN Homes
Need help in purchasing an investment property? PMAN Homes could be the solution you are looking for. PMAN Homes is a consulting firm in the Nigerian real estate industry. They help examine and analyze the property and can also help you find the buyer or investor for your property.

4. PrimeWaterView Ltd
This company is rated as one of the best Nigerian real estate companies. They develop properties in mainly highbrow areas in Lagos such as Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki etc, and they also have properties in other areas such as Mowe in Ogun State, and Ibadan. They also offer services like project management, land survey, construction, and design to clients.

5. Jide Taiwo & Co (JTC)
Jide Taiwo & Co is a popular brand in the Nigerian real estate industry. Despite the rigorous competition, JTC has managed to stay on top. The company has been around for more than 4 decades, it has 22 branch offices all over the federation.
They are involved in managing small properties as well as managing complex and large portfolios. They offer services to both individuals as well as corporate organizations and entities. They enjoy patronage from customers in both the private and public sectors. Away from real estate, JTC offers services in the aviation, marine, and rail industry.