List of Top Travel Agencies in Nigeria

Are you looking to travel out of Nigeria? To the Americas, Europe, Asia, or other countries in Africa? Are you going on a foreign trip for work, leisure, or vacation? If yes, then you’ll need the services of a travel agency.

Travel Agencies work to ensure that your trip, to and fro, is a success. You may not have the time to do all the embassy run-around and visa application procedures, so, be rest assured that all of these will be well handled by the agency. However, that’s only if you patronize the right agency. So, here’s the list of top travel agencies in Nigeria;

⦁ Quantum Travels
Quantum Travels is a Nigerian based travel agency which is a subsidiary of BCD Travel. Note that BCD Travel is number 3 on the list of largest travel management companies across the globe. Due to that, Quantum Travels process travel requests to a large number of foreign countries. You can meet Quantum Travels to manage your trip to over 97 countries. This agency is recommended most for corporate travelling – work appointments, seminars, workshops, etc.

TravelStart is one of the most popular travelling agencies in Nigeria. It is a South African agency with a headquarters in Cape Town and offices in several African countries of which Nigeria is included. As a result, TravelStart is most recommended for travelling within Africa. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t manage travelling to other continents, they sure do. TravelStart ensures you enjoy your trip as you can easily book flights, hotels, rentals, etc from their website.

⦁ City Travels & Tours
City Travels & Tours is an agency officially registered with NANTA and IATA. If the reason why you’re traveling is for vacation, leisure, to tour the environs of some other country, then, City Travels & Tours is one of the best travel agencies in Nigeria to use. Even if you don’t know the ideal place to travel to, their tourism service gives you recommendations of the hottest destinations you can go to.

⦁ Dees Travels & Tours
This travel agency, Dees Travels & Tours is one of the longest operating travel agencies in Nigeria. It is an IATA registered agency that has been operating for about 20 years now, having been launched in the year 2000. With Dees Travels & Tours you can book flights for both international and local flights. Furthermore, if you need travel insurance, airport protocol services, and hotel reservations, you can also call on Dees Travels & Tours.

 FlinchGlow Travels
FlinchGlow Travels is another long operating travel agency in Nigeria, launched in 2002, and also one of the top agencies to patronize in Nigeria. When it comes to ticket volume market share, FlinchGlow is among the top 5. The agency is in partnership with the NTDC – Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation – and this makes it an ideal agency if you’re touring states in Nigeria. In addition to planning tours, FlinchGlow can also help you get hotel reservations.

With the help of these top travel agencies in Nigeria, you’ll be able to arrange and go for your trips outside Nigeria easily.