Mini Importation: Lucrative business in Nigeria you can start

A lot of people – Nigerians – have been wondering what mini importation is all about and if really it is a profitable business area to venture into. The truth is that, Mini importation is a lucrative business that anyone can start though it is not that simple as experience is required.

Mini importation has to do with buying small amount of goods at a cheap rate from overseas and shipping them into Nigeria to sell at a higher rate. It involves having foreign suppliers who you buy the goods from a reliable source and a reliable means of shipping your goods. The reason why proper connection is needed is because the goods are shipped in a small quantity, as unlikely as it may sound, it is more easier to ship bulk goods into the country than mini goods.

As a mini importer, your are running a small business not a big one. You need to really gain the trust of the suppliers and shipment because you are not renowned which is how almost all the big brands started. Most at times, you may be required to travel abroad to have a face time with them.

Nowadays, mini importation has been made even more easier in the sense that you do not really have to worry much about suppliers or means of shipping. You can order the goods online directly by using top online services like; Alibaba, Aliexpress, Dhgate, and iPmart.

All you just have to do is to sign up on any of these sites, when you get an order for a particular product, you simply order it yourself from any of these sites and when the goods get to you, you take it to your buyer and make your money. You can also order your goods and put it in your store or warehouse if you happen to have one. These sites are widely used by most mini importers in Nigeria and there are very rare cases of fraud.

The Basic Things Needed to Start Mini-importation

  • Access to the Internet – Laptop, Desktop or even a mobile phone
  • An active email address
  • Capital – Money needed to buy the goods you want to import and clear other shipping charges
  • A work or Home address where the goods will be delivered

To start a mini importation business, you just need to have as little as the things listed above.

Common goods to import

  • Jewelries
  • Mobile Phones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Other Electronic gadgets
  • Car accessories
  • Fashion (clothes or shoes)

The goods you can import are not limited to the items listed above, these are just the common ones being imported in Nigeria. Most at times it is advisable not to deal on what is very saturated already or you would have a low turn out of buyers.