Mining Coin Capital launches business in Nigeria

A memorandum of understanding between major Nigerian networking business stake holders and the Mining Capital Coin (MCC) has been signed.

Mining Capital Coin is an international online company that trades on crypto currency and the aim of this agreement being signed is for the company to begin its business operations in Nigeria.

Mr. Junior Caputti, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mining Capital Coin encouraged Nigerian citizens to put more interest in Crypto currency and block chain technology, he made this known while speaking at the event which was held in Ikeja, Lagos State.

According to him, the fact that the Nigerian economy is one of the biggest in Africa made the company (Mining Capital Coin) seek to begin operations in the country and that they will also thrive to properly inform Nigerians about the Crypto currency platform.

He stated that doing business with Crypto currency is a nice means of getting different opportunities and it is not a scam platform as many Nigerians may perceive.

“This is the first time a Chief Executive Officer of an online company is visiting Nigeria to show that the Crypto currency business is not a scam.

A branch of the company has also been opened in Ikeja and the aim of the CEO Junior Caputti coming to Nigeria is just to clear all doubt about the authenticity of the company and also to make sure that the company is duly registered in Nigeria.

“I believe what is currently going on and what we are doing will really create a good impression on Nigerians and whoever wants to be part of the movement will have no reason or course to fear”, he further stated.

The CEO also noted the three major things necessary for attaining success in Networking business which are; opportunity, getting the opportunity and being focused.

Emerson Pius, Vice President of Mining Capital Coin also showed his pleasure regarding his visit to Nigeria and said he and other officials came to show that MCC is different from other networking platforms.