Mkobo Microfinance bank: Overview of their services

Mkobo Microfinance bank is a reputable Microfinance bank fully licensed by the central Bank of Nigeria. The Bank was established to render monetary support to its customers through unrestricted access to short term unsecured loans. Not only that, Mkobo issues customers with short term urgent or emergency credit. One fact you need to know about this emergency credits or loan is that, they are easily accessible, customers do not have to wait for donkey years before they have access to such monetary assistance.  This article is structured to give you the overview of the services offered by Mboko microfinance. This will guide and broaden the knowledge of new and existing customers to opt for their customer-friendly services.

Overview of Top-notch Services offered by Mkobo Microfinance bank

  • Provision of loans to customers

Mkobo microfinance bank is well known for issuing a wide range of short term loans to its customers. The Microfinance bank is set to make the business of its customer thrive thereby; the bank has made provision for easy access to loans and credi

  • Asset purchase

Individuals or customers that want to buy assets for commercial or personal use can apply for financial assistance at the microfinance bank.  Mkobo assists businessmen and individuals to achieve their goal by providing necessary finance to purchase the needed asset for their businesses or personal use.

  • Fixed Deposit

This is another valuable services of Mkobo microfinance bank. Customers can operate a fixed deposit account to accumulate fantastic interest over time. This service is great because it enables you monitor your money grow with encouraging interest rates with low and affordable opening balance of N10,000.

  • Savings Account

This is a wonderful service that is designed to help you save towards achieving your target. Are you planning to buy a house or a car and willing to save towards achieving that goal, Mboko savings account is perfect you. With Mboko saving, you will achieve your goal faster.

  • Insurance services

In an effort to serve its customer better, Mboko microfinance bank is putting efforts towards developing unique and innovative insurance services. This will enable customers to opt for insurance services of their choice.

  • Salary advance

One reason why Mboko microfinance bank stands out among others is the availability of salary advance. This is a special service for salary earners and it is very helpful especially when salaries are delayed.

  • Emergency Loan

Mboko microfinance bank helps its customer in time of emergency. The bank issues emergency loan to individual that is since and dire need of it.

  • Short term loan

Notable among all these top-notch services is the short loan service. The bank is in position to give out loan on a short time basis. This is important for businessmen or individual that wants to embark on a short time investment.

  • No collateral loan

Also available is the No collateral loan that enables individual to benefit from loans without collateral. This comes as a huge relieve for customers that had been denied access to loan in the past due to non availability of collateral.

Other services offered by Mboko microfinance bank are Personal loan, Payday loan, Micro Loan and Bespoke Loan. Judging from all the juicy services and privileges mentioned here, patronizing Mboko microfinance bank is the wisest decision any forward looking individual can take.