Nairabet Affiliates: How to register and make money

As a Nairabet affiliate, you get to help the company earn money and also earn money for your own self through commissions you receive. If you have heard about this affiliate program and you wish to register and make money off it, this guide is for you.

Registering for the NairaBet affiliate program is very easy, you can complete the process in few minutes by following the below steps;
⦁ Visit and click on “Join Now” at the top right corner of the page
⦁ Fill the registration form with all the required details. This registration form is divided into 4 sections; Personal Details, Contact Details, Payment Details, Additional Details. You can only go to the next section after completing the previous.
⦁ Submit the form after completing all 4 sections
⦁ Finish

Your application will be reviewed by NairaBet and you will get a response within 48 hours which notifies you if your application was approved or declined. You are likely to be approved but if for any reason you are rejected, fix the issue and register again.

Once approved, you are now a NairaBet affiliate and you can log into your affiliate account with your username and password. You will also get an affiliate link which is what you will use to make money off the platform – How is that? Let’s find out.

You earn money as a NairaBet affiliate by sharing your affiliate link for others to register on NairaBet and book games. That is just what you need to do and you will be paid commissions whenever anyone sign ups via your link. Now the question is, how do you get others to sign up? This requires a bit of affiliate marketing skills and I will be sharing a few with you;

⦁ Tell others: of course no one will know that you are a NairaBet affiliate marketer if you do not tell them so you should. This is a kind of offline affiliate marketing strategy, simply tell your friends and family members about NairaBet and get them to register on the betting platform via your affiliate link.
⦁ Promote your link via social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are there for you to share your affiliate link for others to click and sign up. When making a post, you should not just dumb the link without any information – no one will click on it. Try to write some useful info about NairaBet and why people should sign up, once they are convinced, they will click and register.
⦁ Promote your link via blogs: if you have a high authority blog, simply integrate NairaBet banner ads on strategic places on your blog where they will be viewed by others – you can get the code for these banners from you affiliate account. You can also pay for advertisement on other blogs you know with high audience.

To be a NairaBet affiliate, you just have to register, get approved, get your affiliate link and share to others and you make your money. However, the amount of money you will make depends on your skills as an affiliate marketer to make others sign up with your link.