Neo Mining and Technologies: What you should know

NEO Mining & Technologies is a cryptocurrency mining company founded on October 4th 2017 by Jesus Suna. It is a company fully incorporated in California, USA, they provide blockchain (Bitcoin and Ethereum) mining contract services and currently have thousands of people contracting with them.

You can easily purchase a NEO Mining contract, the contacts are usually issued on a 2-year basis and it involves buying what they call “hashpower”, you can purchase this hashpower using any of these three methods;
 Ethereum
 Debit/Credit Card (ATM Card).

Follow the below steps to sign up with NEO Mining and Tech and also purchase a contract;
 Visit and click on Register
 Fill in all the required details and input your sponsors username if you have one, if you do not, you can skip.
 Select the Hashpower package you can afford to pay in either fiat currency, or the equivalent from your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet.
 Input all your personal details and complete the SMS verification process
 You can now go ahead to pay for your order

This is how the NEO Mining system works:

When your order for hashpower is completed, it will be inactive as you enter into an escrow period that usually lasts for 14 days. This period allows the NEO Company to begin and finish your contract setup, once this is completed (On the 15th day), your hashpower becomes active and the mining process starts. You are due to receive you mining reward on the 30th day beginning from the day your hashpower was activated (45 days after your hashpower order was completed) and so it goes continuously after every 30 days until the end of the 2 year contract. These rewards are being received in your backend and you can withdraw them to your Bank account, Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet, you must note that withdrawal requests are treated only in Thursdays. NEO Mining and Technologies also gives its customers the opportunity to resell mining contracts and also earn certain commission after every sale made.

The reliability of the NEO Mining and Tech Company has been questioned by many if they are a scam or real, in fact, a lot of people believes nothing good comes out of it. Whether it is true or not, we all know business especially when it comes to cryptocurrency is profitable but very risky and if you are not very sure of what you are engaging in, you might encounter a big loss. NEO Mining and Tech Company is a company that just turned a year old few days ago and if truth be told they have not really impressed to be recommended but we cannot criticize them as they can still be referred to as a relatively new company. No one has successfully completed the 2-year contract term to give a report. If you are enticed to partake in online cloud mining, there are some recommended companies and sites you could choose but if you want to use the NEO Mining and Tech platform only invest what you can afford to part with as there is yet to be a favourable attestation about them.

Let us know about your experience with Neo mining and Technologies