NNU Income Program Registration and how to make money online

Are you looking for a platform that pays you for all news you read? The NNU income program is a platform where people read news to make an additional income ranging from 50,000 naira to 100,000 naira. People now get monthly double alert –one from their normal job while the other from their NNU income.

In Nigeria, NNU is the first of its kind and it can boast of over 300,000 members who earns monthly from this program. It is an entirely new concept that has help alleviate poverty. Apart from the monthly earnings, NNU help youths to be more informed about the current happenings around the world. The NNU program has brought an ending to the usage of data every month without gaining anything in return.

It will interest you to know that NNU is one of the easiest way to earn money online. To start reading news and earning, all you need is an internet connection and any kind of device such as laptop, Ipad, Android phones as well as smart phones. The NNU is a platform for everyone to make additional income online.

How to join The NNU income Platform

One important requirement that must be fulfilled before anyone can join the NNU Income platform is to purchase the NNU Income pack with a sum of 1600 naira only. For your application to be approved, you have to purchase and pay for the pack with either the coupon code or the Paystack.

Step by step procedure on how to register on NNU

  1. Visit the NNU income program website
  2. Once you navigate to the NNU income registration page, fill in the required information correctly, you will be required to supply your name, phone number, email, username and password.
  3. When you scroll down to the payment option, you will see Paystack. Click on it.
  4. Click on “ I have read the terms and condition”
  5. The next stage is to click on “ make payment” clicking on this will enable you pay the 1,600 naira
  6. To pay with paystack on the next page click on “ Click here to pay with Paystack”
  7. You will be directed to a page that will enable you pay with your ATM card, click on pay with card
  8. Enter your card information such as CVV number, Card number and the expiry date.
  9. Then click on pay N1600
  10. You will be debited and will receive a welcome email from NNU income.
  11. You are required to go to the payment setting tab to add your bank details before starting your daily task on the NNU.

How to make earn more on NNU Income program

There are lots of ways to earn more money on the NNU Income platform, to make money fast on this program you have to become an affiliate. An affiliate on NNU makes more than 300,00 naira monthly on NNU. To become one, get your affiliate link and share on social media.

How do you get paid on NNU income program?

NNU pays directly into your bank account on the 27th of every month. All payment are carried out from the company’s account and the minimum amount that can you can receive on monthly basis is 5,000 naira.