Opay Nigeria: How to Become an Agent with them

Opay – Opera Pay in full – is a payment service provider in Nigeria. The platform aims to make financial services available to everyone irrespective of status or location. You can do a lot on the Opay platform and that includes money payment for transportation, food and a host of other services.

Opay allows businesses and individuals to register as their agents to help them reach more customers. An agent simply helps others carry out money transactions on the Opay platform with their agent accounts and they stand to gain from the platform. If you are interested in the Opay platform and you want to become an agent with them, this article will be providing you with useful information on how to go about that.

Benefits Of Becoming An Opay Agent
When you register and become an agent with Opay, you stand to enjoy the following benefits;

⦁ You will be able to withdraw cash from your Opay wallet and also have access to quick settlement
⦁ You will receive a free POS from Opay, you won’t be charged any amount from your wallet for it
⦁ OPay will give you POS free as an agent, you don’t have to pay for it.
⦁ You will get quick response and easy access to Opay customer care service center
⦁ You won’t be charged any amount for any transaction you carry out on the platform
⦁ Commissions from transactions

Requirements For Registration As An Opay Agent
You cannot just become an Opay agent, there are certain requirements laid out by the owners that you need to meet before. The requirements are listed below;

⦁ You must have good communication skills (the ability to read, write and speak to others)
⦁ You must have a business location, a shop or a store where you will attend to your customers
⦁ You must have a functional mobile device with internet access. Preferably, it should be an Android device
⦁ You must possess a valid means of Identification. This can be any of the government-issued ID (National ID, Drivers License, Voters Card, International Passport)
⦁ You should have a business document i.e CAC documents (this is optional)

How To Register As An Opay Agent
Now that you know what you stand to gain as an Opay agent and also the requirements involved; you can follow the below steps to kick start your registration;

⦁ Visit the app store on your mobile phone (Google Play Store for Android, Apple App Store for iOS) and download the Opay app
⦁ Install the app after download and launch it after install
⦁ Create an account on the app (you would do this with your phone number)
⦁ From the app, chat up the Opay support team and indicate interest that you want to be an Opay agent
⦁ You will be sent the registration form and also information on the requirements (as stated in the previous section)
⦁ Fill the form correctly and send it to them along with the requested documents
⦁ You will receive feedback after a few days of which your application will be under review
⦁ If approved, you are now an Opay agent and you will be instructed on what next to do

The Opay platform is one that will be of help to Nigerians. Becoming an agent will help enhance their services and you also earn money via commissions.