Overview of GT Bank internet banking

The internet banking services of the GT bank is a technological innovation that brings banking right into the comfort of your room. It saves you the stress of looking for the nearest bank in order to carry out transactions.  The GT Bank internet Banking is a great opportunity created to make banking easy and fast. In fact, it’s a robust channel put in place with the latest technology to give customers unrestricted access to their account. You will access your account with ease no matter the type of account you operate. Not only that, the GT bank internet Banking allows customers to conveniently carry out over 90% of their bank transaction online and real time.

The GT Bank internet banking services allows individual customer to manage their finance quickly and easily at the comfort and convenience of their home or at any place they may be; so far there is internet services at that location. Also, with GT bank internet service you are  in charge; you manage your account as it pleases you. You do not only have control over your transaction, you are guaranteed a secure and safe transaction whether you are transacting business at home, market place or abroad.

Benefits of GT Bank internet banking services

  • There are numerous benefits inherent in the GT bank online Banking services. Some of the advantages are enumerated below.
  • The GT bank internet banking services allows customers to check their balance, take control of transactions and print account statement.
  • The GT bank online services allows users to transfer from their savings or current account to any other GT bank account or other banks
  • You will be able to pay your US visa fee, pay utility bills, transfer funds from your account to any other account.
  • You can book flight tickets using GT bank internet services
  • The GT bank internet banking services allows customers to transfer foreign currencies from your domiciliary account to any account anywhere in the world.

How do you apply for GT bank internet banking?

  • Go to the nearest GT bank in your area.

When you get to any GT bank in your your neighborhood, you can  request for internet banking application and token request form as an existing customer while new customers are advised to open a GT Bank account to enable them apply.

  • Complete the internet banking form and submit in person to the customer care representative.

You can also send a scan a copy of your internet banking form as well to email that will be provided.

  • Approval of your application

GT bank will notify you as soon as your internet banking application is approved. You will receive an email to that effect.

  • Visit the GT bank application online platform

There is a feature that allows you to safely type your password on the platform. It is known as the typeface.

  • Login into your account via the online platform

When you log in successfully, you will be able to explore the internet platform and gain the full benefit inherent in it.