Pay4me Online Payment service in Nigeria: What you should know

Pay4me is an online payment service that one can use to make local and international payments in Nigeria. If you wish to make a payment via pay4me, you would need to provide the service provider with your payment information for them to make payment on your behalf.

Why Use Pay4Me?
One might experience difficulties when making payments especially international ones as not all Nigerians have international debit/credit cards. With pay4me, you can easily make this payment by just providing the details requested by your pay4me service provider. When you provide them with the details, they make the payment within minutes and get back to you with the receipt details. Pay4me can be used to make payment on international payment gateways like PayPal, Payooner, Skill and others.

Pay4me Fees and Charges
The amount you pay as payment fee when using the Pay4me online payment service differs as it depends on the service provider. Pay4me service providers often charge a percentage of the payment amount (2 – 5% for majority) and an extra charge of about N100 – N500.

How to make a Pay4me Payment
First of all, you need to be registered with a Pay4me service provider. There are a number of them in Nigeria, find a legit one and create an account with them. After creating your account, log in and click on Send Money or Make Payment (depending on which is featured).

You will find a list of payment options (PayPal, Payooner, etc), select the one you are paying for and enter the amount you are paying in Dollars or Naira. Usually, the amount for fees and charges will be automatically added to your payment amount so you can pay for it as well. If it is not, do the calculation yourself and enter the payment amount plus the amount for fees as it will be automatically deducted from the payment amount if you do not.

Enter the details of the beneficiary, for example if it is a PayPal payment, you should enter the correct email address of the beneficiary’s PayPal account. Make payment using your debit/credit card and once payment is approved, the money will be transferred to your beneficiary in few minutes.

Pay4me service providers in Nigeria
Below are some top Pay4me service providers in Nigeria that you can make use of to carry out payments;

OnlineNaira: OnlineNaira Pay4me service helps you handle all your international payments but they focus majorly on PayPal payments.

TopUpGold: TopUpGold offers Pay4me services for different payment platforms. They can help you purchase items from eBay or pay for services on Fiverr amongst others.

MTN: MTN Pay4me allows the person at the receiving end of the call to pay for such call. If you receive a call such as this, you can either press 0 to reject or press 1 to accept.

VPNvouchers: VPNVouchers offer Paypal Pay4me services and your money gets to your beneficiary between 6 – 12 hours after making payment.

Pay4me online payment helps those who do not have access to certain payment platforms to make payments. It is a reliable service you can use.