Rebel Betting Nigeria: Sports Arbitrage Bet Software Review

Every person that places money on sports bet does so with the sole aim of making profit. Placing your money on games with an assured profit return is known as sports arbitrage or sure betting and Rebel Betting service has a powerful software for that.

Rebel Betting is one of the most renowned sports arbitrage services in the world and it is widely used by over 125,000 people in multiple countries, Nigeria included. With their spots arbitrage software, you get to win steady bets with little or no chance of you loosing your money.

This is an ideal way to invest if you love sports betting as you can make up to 20% profit per month with this software. Rebel betting guarantees a 100% profit return on the first month of registration for all new customers.

How do you get this software?
The software can be accessed from the Rebel betting website and you can only access it after registering and subscribing to a plan as it is a paid software. Upon signing up, you can choose to subscribe to any of the following plans;

⦁ 1 Week: €39
⦁ 1 Month: €129
⦁ 6 Months: €581 (€97 per month)

You can change or stop your subscription at any given time you feel like. Payment is made using international credit/debit cards. After subscription, you will now have access to the sports arbitrage software via your dashboard.

How the software works
You might be wondering how the Rebel betting sports arbitrage software generates sure games, it is a very easy process.

What you do is to place your money on bets as instructed by the software. These bets have been concisely analyzed and compared with others and then picked out as the most profitable ones. The bets always feature high odds on both teams and this is very common in sports betting; you won’t have the time to look for these games yourself so the software does it for you. This is done with the help of an AutoSurf technology system.

You get to bet on all possible outcomes of the games such that no matter the result after the match is played, there is money for you to win at the end. The profit can be little or huge amounts but at the end of each month, you are sure to gain up to 10% or 20% of your bet stakes.

Using the software
The software has a user friendly interface so it is easy for anyone to use. It is fast as well as odds are processed in as little as 10 seconds. It can be accessed on the web via web browsers, supported browsers includes;

⦁ Chrome v73 and above
⦁ Safari v11 and above
⦁ Firefox v66 and above
⦁ Microsoft Edge v18 and and above
⦁ Opera v46 and above

You can as well download and install the software on Windows OS from Windows vista and above, it can be installed on Mac OS too. The software is not available as a mobile app so if you must use a phone, you can access it via your phone browser. Supported mobile devices include;

⦁ Android compatible with Chrome v73 and above
⦁ Google Pixel with Chrome
⦁ Nexus 5 and above with Firefox or Chrome
⦁ iPhone running iOS 10 and above with Safari or Chrome
⦁ OS X Mavericks with Chrome

The Rebel betting sports arbitrage software is advantageous to anyone who wishes to win more from sports betting. The subscription rates are high because you are guaranteed of making profits from their sure games. If you have the funds, you can sign up with them.