Recharge and get paid: Registration, How to make money with them

Recharge and get paid is an online earning platform fully registered in Nigeria. The platform uses airtime providing services to generate wealth for its users.

How to Register with Recharge and Get Paid

Recharge and get paid registration procedure is very easy and can be completed within a few minutes. Before proceeding to register, you should pick a registration plan; there are different registration plans on the “recharge and get paid” and they all have different payment amounts, see below list:

Registration Plans

  1. Free user (0 NGN)
  2. Basic (5,000 NGN)
  3. Bronze (10,000 NGN)
  4. Silver (20,000 NGN)
  5. Gold (30,000 NGN)
  6. Diamond (40,000 NGN)
  7. Platinum (50,000 NGN)
  8. Executive Platinum (100,000 NGN)

Note: You can upgrade your registration plan anytime you want and if you sign up as a free user, you will not be able to make any transaction unless you upgrade your plan to a paid one.

When sure of which plan to register with, Follow the below steps to complete your Recharge and get paid registration;  Visit the Website

  • Click on “Login” from the displayed Menu List
  • On the Login Page, Click on “Register”
  • Fill in the registration form, the following details will be required;
  • Referral ID
  • Personal Information
  • Login Details
  • Bank Details
  • Agree to the termsand privacy policy by ticking the box
  • Click on “Register”

Immediately after registration, you will be required to make a payment. The amount to pay depends on the registration plan you choose.


Making money on recharge and get paid is simply through percentage commission, these percentage commissions are earned in two main ways;

  1. VTU (Virtual Top Up) Recharge Commission
  2. Referral Commission

Making Money with VTU Recharge Commission

With the VTU Recharge commission method, you get to earn a 2% commission of when recharge or sell airtime and 10% Commission when you buy data for yourself or when you sell to others, regardless of the network. For example;

 –You recharge or sell airtime of N50,000, you earn 2% of N50,000 which is N1,000

-You buy or sell data worth N50,000, you earn 10% of N50,000 which is N5,000

Making Money with Referral Commission

With the Referral Commission method, you get earn to a 20% commission anytime someone registers and makes payment using you as his/her referral. You also get to earn 10% – 1% commission anytime someone registers and make payment under your direct referrals. For example;

Direct Referral: A referral registers for the Bronze package under you and pays the sum of N10,000, you get to earn 20% of N10,000 which is N2,000.

Indirect Referral: If someone registers for the Bronze package under your direct referral and pays the sum of N10,000, you get to earn 10% of N10,000 which is N1,000.

The referral commission method works like a matrix, the more direct and indirect referrals you keep getting, the more money you make. As your direct and indirect referrals recharge and buy data, you also keep on earning percentage commission.