How to make RIA Money Transfer to Nigeria

As someone living in Nigeria, it is common that you would need to receive money from friends, relatives and even clients you work for that are based outside the country. There are many platforms and services that allows you to receive and send money out of the country, one of which is the RIA Money Transfer platform. It is not a too popular service in Nigeria when compared to the most used ones but it is still a secure and convenient way of sending and receiving money internationally.

RIA money transfer allows you to receive money in Nigeria from over 137 countries of the World. The sender can send the money directly into your bank account and you would receive it within hours. It saves the time of visiting the bank and then requesting at the counter.

How to send money to Nigeria using RIA Money Transfer
Sending money into Nigeria from other countries through RIA Money Transfer is an easy to complete process, you just have to follow the following steps;

Visit RIA Money Transfer Website; Open your browser and log on to

Register an Account; After opening the site, the next thing you have to do is to create an account with RIA Money Transfer. Creating an account is quick and can be completed within 2 minutes.

Select your payment method; RIA Money Transfer allows senders to make payment using their cards or directly from their local bank account. Decide on which payment method to use and make the payment.

Choose your method of delivery; A sender can either choose to send the funds directly to the recipient’s Nigerian Bank account or to a cash pickup location where the recipient will go to pick up the money.

Provide details of your recipient; The name of the recipient is very important in this aspect, make sure it is correct and matches that in any of the recipient’s government issued ID. You will also be asked to provide email address and phone number.

After that, you are done. You will receive and save the details of the transaction and have to send a copy to the recipient do he/she can receive the money. The major detail is the money transfer pin, it is a number your recipient will provide at the bank in order for him/her to be paid. You can also use this number to track your transfer so you know just when the money has been picked up.