SolidTrust Pay In Nigeria: How To Register, Fund (Deposit) and Withdraw from your account

SolidTrust Pay (STP) was founded and launched in the year 2006 to serve clients and customers in the area of providing a platform for people to send & receive money online.

About SolidTrust Pay
Although SolidTrust Pay is not widely accepted and popular as other e-currencies such as PayPal, Payoneer, Neteller, Skrill etc, yet still, it enables a system for people to send digital & virtual currency (money) and receive funds online instantly from their families and friends into your e-wallet.
Ever since SolidTrust Pay started in 2006, it has grown its network to serve the needs of thousands of clients worldwide with many more people joining the platform every day. Currently, SolidTrust Pay has its offices in the United States of America (USA), Canada and Montenegro (Europe).

SolidTrust Pay Account Types
Solid Trust Pay (STP) has 2 types of account which it offers for clients namely;
1. Personal account
2. Business account

A SolidTrust Pay personal account is an ideal account which is suitable for persons who aren’t planning to make use of the SolidTrust services to run and manage their online business. However, if you are a merchant who wants to accept SolidTrustPay as a payment gateway or processor on your website or online store, you will have to go for a business account instead.

Features of the SolidTrust Pay Personal account.
1. You can send and transfer funds instantly between peers of SolidTrust Pay
2. You can top-up and fund your account through different payment options which are accepted in over 190 countries worldwide
3. You will be able to send funds but you’ll be charged 1.5% + $0.2 to receive funds from other members
4. You can get your own branded Solid Trust Pay debit card after application

Features of the Business SolidTrust Pay account
1. You would be able to accept direct credit card purchases made on your merchant account
2. You’ll have access to the withdrawal of funds through multiple options
3. You are provided with multiple consulting tools and programming materials to help get you started
4. You can sell your own products online through a secure and fast means.
5. You will be able to send funds for free and pay 2.5% + $0.3 for receiving funds.

How To Deposit (Fund) and Withdraw from a SolidTrust Pay account

Deposit Methods: A SolidTrust Pay account can be funded by debit and credit cards, bank account (through direct bank deposit, ACH, EFT, bank wire transfer and instant real-time bank transfers) through reliable and trusted e-currency exchangers such as

Withdrawal Methods: Clients can withdraw from their SolidTrust Pay account through bank transfers, Checks, cards and e-currency exchangers.

1. Your account would be limited if you operate on an unverified account
2. Fees on the business account are relatively exorbitant for most people
3. You can’t make use of STP e-currency exchange providers without being either bank verified or standard verified

1. It has fast and responsive customer support
2. There is maximum security of funds
3. Money transfers among members is fast and quick
4. There are low fees and commissions on SolidTrust Pay personal accounts
5. Users have the ability to explore the full potential of their STP account with the STPay Trust card.
The STPay Trust card is helpful for STP users because it goes a long way on mitigating credit and debit frauds, it has a fast support for customers, it processes credit/debit card transactions instantly and it attracts no hidden fees.

How To Register A SolidTrust Pay Account
Opening and registering a SolidTrust Pay account is the first step for users who want to use their platform for monetary and financial transactions. The SolidTrust Pay account gives you access to get the STPay Trust card.

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Phone Call: 1 705 731 0341
Office Address: 120 Ilsley Avenue Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1S7, Canada