Tether coin Review: Wallet providers, mining and exchanges for this cryptocurrency

Tether coin (USDT) is a stable cryptocurrency that is equivalent to the dollar, it is a variation of the dollar in the crypto world and it can be used on platforms that support it just as every normal cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency was created with the idea of making the US Dollar available on a block chain.


The Tether coin is not a popular cryptocurrency so it is a bit scarce and are mostly earned as a token from the Tether Limited on either users of Bitcoin or Etheruem. However, in most cases they can be mined by solving complex algorithms with mining software or an online mining website. As always said, a crypto wallet with a high level security system is always the best wallet to use because the safety of your money cannot be compromised. The list below will provide you with some wallets and exchanges that you can use to either buy, store or exchange your Tether coins for fiat currency.


Many crypto investors and business personnel can attest that Trezor is the best crypto hardware wallet; it can be used to store virtually any crypto currency including the Tether Coin. If you are looking for a wallet to save your Tether, believe me you will love using Trezor.


MyEtherWallet is a functional wallet to obtain Tether coins; it is one of the best available. Tether can be obtained as a token on  the Ethereum blockchain. You can choose to store your Tether coin online or you can also transfer it to a hard wallet as MyEtherWallet which works with Trezor and Ledger. With MyEtherWallet, you can also exchange your Tether coins for Fiat currency


OmniWallet is an online wallet for storing your Tether coins. Most people do not like using OminiWallet because of their security system is not as strong as that of a hard wallet but it can still be rated 7 stars out of 10. What makes OminiWallet advantageous is because trading with Tether coins is stable and firm unlike others.


This wallet is seen as the official wallet for Tether coins as it was created by Tether Limited.

It is a wallet preferred by many as it can easily be accessed both on Mobile and desktop devices. This wallet is effective for storing Tether coins in all ramifications.


Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2011, it is a secure platform for trading on crypto currencies including the Tether coin and they offer exchanges in various currencies. Looking for an exchange to trade your coin with, Kraken is up to the task.


Bitfinex is a popular crypto exchange in the world, there is not much to say about them because the quality of their services speak for them. Bitfinex has a high liquidity rate when trading with the US dollar and since the Tether coin is an equivalent cryptocurrency of the US Dollar, it is most likely a good option for trading and exchange of Tether coins