The Billion Coin: TBC Exchange in Nigeria

The Billion coin is also known as TBC. The TBC has become a well known cryptocurrency in Nigeria. Some investors said that TBC has performed better than Bitcoin on cryptocurrency market especially in some area of the country.  Needless to say, anybody who has some TBC will be interested in any information that has to do with TBC exchange.

What is The Billion Coin?

The TBC has gained an increasing popularity in the Nigeria cryptocurrency market. Apart from the growing popularity, it is one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies we have today. A lot of promissory statements have been made by those who created this coin. They said its price will rise so quickly to the extent that TBC holders will become very rich. The quick and abrupt rising of the TBC price is true though some people are skeptical about its trustworthiness.

Despite the fact TBC has about 40,000 investor all over the world, many are still of the belief that the coin is not going to bring anyone income. The experts in cryptocurrency are of the opinion that the billion coin does not have its own market like Bitcoin. Despite all the discouraging opinions about the TBC, the number of investors who buy the coin shows that it is not a complete fraud.

How to Sell The Billion Coin in Nigeria

If you own TBC, you will probably look for ways of selling them. Also, you should be aware that those coins can be sold only at their current price.

A lot of people are of the belief that they will become incredibly rich when they trade TBC for BTC. This is not true.  Trading The Billion coin for Bitcoin is not easy as people will have to look for a potential buyer willing to buy their TBC. The process can be very exhaustive because the higher the price of your TBC, the tougher it can be to find a buyer that is willing to buy the coins.

The official trading platform of The Billion Coin does not permit trading the coin at a price lower than the official cost. Breaking this rule might lead to suspension of your wallet. You can lose all your coin if you try to go against the laid down rules.

Where to sell The Billion Coin in Nigeria

Visit this website if you are willing to trade your TBC for Bitcoin in Nigeria – Trading on this site is the most reliable option. You create new trade and wait for a buyer who will be willing to buy your TBC.

The registration and verification process is quite straight forward and does not waste time. You will be able to create a trade when you register. Creating a trade means you are making your TBC available for sale. And prospective buyers will show interest to buy your TBC.

How to find a good Customer

The basic signs that show that a customer is trustworthy and reliable are as follows:

  • The customer does not use a fake name on the internet
  • The account photo has a picture of real person on it
  • He does not beat around the bush while talking about the trade