Wakanda Nation Income program review

Wakanda.ng is a very popular website in Nigeria. The popularity of the site is heavily linked to the Wakanda Nation Income Program that allows Nigerians to make money off the website. In this article, we will be reviewing this program to discover all that is involved.

How to make money on the Wakanda Nation Income Program
With Wakanda, there are two main ways via which one can make money; the first is called the Wakanda Affiliate Program (WAP) while the second is called Wakanda Advert-Revenue Sharing (WAS).

Wakanda Advert-Revenue Sharing (WAS)
Participants in the Wakanda Advert-Revenue make money by participating in different activities. These activities include;

Daily Login: as you log into your Wakanda account daily, you earn N50. This is only for active accounts and doing this for a month generates about N1,500.

Sharing Sponsored Posts: Wakanda allows users to share sponsored posts on their website to Facebook and a person earns N50 when they do such. Sharing just any post on the platform does not earn you any money, only sponsored posts assigned to you.

Post Commenting: You earn N2 for every comment you make on any post on Wakanda. You can comment as much as you want in a day, it has no limit and you will earn money on every single one.

Wakanda Affiliate Program (WAP)
You can earn money by becoming an affiliate of the Wakanda nation. This involves you referring the site by sharing your affiliate link for others to sign up with. It is very simple, you can get your affiliate link from your account profile page and you earn a commission of N1,000 when anyone joins Wakanda via your link and activates their account.

You get paid when you make a withdrawal request and payment is made weekly (on Sundays). Your payment request will only be successful when you reach the payout threshold which is N4,000 – you cannot withdraw anything less than that.

How To Join the Wakanda Nation Income Program
To join the Wakanda nation income program, all you need to do is to sign up via their website and activate your account. Below are easy steps for you to follow;

Visit http://www.wakanda.ng and click on register
Fill in the registration form by entering all the required details
Click on register
Verify your account via the verification link sent to your email

With this, you have successfully created a Wakanda account and you need to activate it. Activation is done by paying a one time fee of N1,300. You can pay via bank transfer or online using your debit card and without paying this money, you cannot earn much on Wakanda nation.

Is the Wakanda Nation Income Program Legit?
This is the first question that comes in mind when talking about platforms like Wakanda nation. No one wants to waste time completing tasks without getting paid at the end. Well, if you are planning on joining the Wakanda nation income program, you can do so without worry as the platform is a legit one. A lot of Nigerians have been paid by the platform so the platform is trusted.